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Sale Date: 15/10/2021

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1 CHELSEA Two programmes: away v Middlesbrough 15/1/1927, ex-binder, no cover and 4 separate sheets and A.D.O. Den Haag Youth Tournament 5-7/6/1959 including Wiener, Lodz, Volendam, Feijenoord and Ajax, folded and slightly worn. Fair£35 - £40Click for More
2 CHELSEA Home programme and ticket v Ipswich Town 21/4/1962 in Ipswich's Championship season. Programme has a team changes and the ticket has a punched hole. Fair to generally good£30 - £35Click for More
3 CHELSEA Single sheet programme for the away SECLC S-F v Fulham 15/12/1962, slightly creased, team changes and scores entered. Generally good£25 - £30Click for More
4 CHELSEA Single sheet programme for the away Football combination match v Luton Town 6/2/1970, slightly creased. Generally good£25 - £30Click for More
5 CHELSEA V TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR 1920 Programme for the League match at Chelsea 16/10/1920, slightly creased, very slightly marked and team changes. Fair to generally good£85 - £90Click for More
6 CHELSEA V TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR 1921 Programme for the League match at Chelsea 24/12/1921, slightly creased. Generally good£95 - £100Click for More
7 CHELSEA V TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR 1922 Programme for the League match at Chelsea 16/12/1922, slightly creased. Generally good£95 - £100Click for More
8 CHELSEA V TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR 1923 Programme for the League match at Chelsea 27/8/1923, very slightly creased. Generally good£85 - £90Click for More
9 NEUTRAL AT CHELSEA 1910 Single sheet programme for the Army Football Association Cup S-F, 2nd Bat. Royal Irish Rifles v 87th Royal Irish Fusiliers 3/3/1910. Generally good£85 - £90Click for More
10 NEUTRAL AT CHELSEA 1909 Programme for The Church v The Stage 13/12/1909. Ex-binder. Generally good£85 - £90Click for More
11 NEUTRAL AT CHELSEA 1909 Single sheet programme for the Army Cup match, 2nd Bat. Coldstream Guards v Royal Marine Light Infantry (Chatham) 16/11/1909. Ex-binder and minor wear. Generally good£85 - £90Click for More
12 NEUTRAL AT CHELSEA 1914 Single sheet programme for the Lady Henry Cup Final, X Division v R Division 23/4/1914, ex-binder. Generally good£75 - £80Click for More
13 NEUTRAL AT CHELSEA 1914 Single sheet programme for the Household Brigade Cup S-F, 1st Bat. Grenadier Guards v 3rd Bat. Grenadier Guards 16/3/1914, ex-binder. Generally good£75 - £80Click for More
14 NEUTRAL AT CHELSEA 1914 Single sheet programme for Household Brigade v London F.A. 5/2/1914, ex-binder. Generally good£75 - £80Click for More
15 1967 FA CUP FINAL A boxed 8mm silent cine film by Quality Products (Romford) Ltd. of the Special Pathe News report on the Chelsea v Tottenham Hotspur match. Good£25 - £30Click for More
16 1967 FA CUP FINAL A boxed 8mm sound cine film by Walton Home Movies, The Way To The Cup with a report on the Chelsea v Tottenham Hotspur match and both semi-finals. Good£25 - £30Click for More
17 ILFORD FC Seven home programmes v Walthamstow 45/6 AC and 47/8 Essex Cup, Romford and Dulwich Hamlet 46/7, Corinthian-Casuals folded and slightly worn, Kingstonian London Cup team changes and Woking 47/8. Fair to generally good£35 - £40Click for More
18 WALTHAMSTOW AVENUE V ILFORD Six programme for matches at Walthamstow 45/6, 46/7, 47/8 Lge, Essex Cup slightly marked and London Cup S-F and 50/1. All are creased. Fair£35 - £40Click for More
19 CHINGFORD TOWN V ILFORD 1950 FA CUP Programme for the FA Cup tie at Chingford 16/9/1950. Very good£25 - £30Click for More
20 CLAPTON V ILFORD Four programmes for matches at Clapton 46/7 punched holes, 49/50, 50/1 Lge and Reserves, slightly marked and slightly worn. Fair to generally good£20 - £25Click for More
21 ILFORD FC Seven programmes including 2 homes v Kingstonian London Cup, punched holes and team changes and Leytonstone London Cup S-F, worn and minor tears both 47/8 and aways v Dulwich Hamlet 43/4, Grays Ath. 47/8 2 small punched holes, Clapton 49/50 tears repaired, Kingstonian 50/1 scores entered and Barking 50/1 Sugden Cup slightly worn. Fair£25 - £30Click for More
22 LEYTONSTONE V ILFORD Five programmes for matches at Leytonstone 46/7 Lge and London Cup, 47/8 punched holes, 48/9 punched holes, team changes and scores entered and 50/1 team changes and scores entered. All are slightly creased. Fair£25 - £30Click for More
23 SWANSEA TOWN / AUTOGRAPHS Seventeen original b/w photos 1949/50 - 1951/2 of various size, including 8 signed with slightly faded autographs. Generally good£35 - £40Click for More
24 CARDIFF CITY Eight original b/w Press photos of various size, most with stamps on the reverse including a team group 2/12/1950, players training in August 1951, George Edwards receiving treatment 18/10/1950 and reconstruction of Ninian Park in August 1950. Generally good£30 - £35Click for More
25 NEWPORT COUNTY Five original b/w photos, 4 of which are 8" X 6" with action from 1958/9 season and the other is 10" X 8" preparing for their FA Cup tie v Tottenham Hotspur 23/1/1959. Generally good£25 - £30Click for More
26 NEWPORT COUNTY Original 12" X 9" team group 12/11/1966 at home v. Bradford P.A. Good£25 - £30Click for More
27 NEWPORT COUNTY Original 5" X 3" b/w portrait of Billy Lucas in Newport shirt from the 1950's. Good£18 - £20Click for More
28 ENGLAND 1966 WORLD CUP Original 8" X 6" Press team group photo with stamp on the reverse of the team plus Ramsey and Shepherdson and Moore holding the trophy. Plus a small sheet for Ajman Champions of Sport with the same team group. Good£30 - £35Click for More
29 CHELSEA Original postcard of a team group of the Championship team 1954/5 with printed signatures underneath issued by W.H. Jacques and a scorecard for a cricket match at Westfield C.C. 23/7/1967, slight horizontal crease. Generally good£25 - £30Click for More
30 1966 WORLD CUP First Day Cover card with a picture of Sir Alf Ramsey holding the trophy and 4 different Royal mail stamps issued for the Tournament and stamped Glasgow 26/4/1970 for the Scotland v England match. Very good£25 - £30Click for More
31 1970 FOOTBALL HALL OF FAME / AUTOGRAPHS Eight First Day Covers for the World Poll Winners and 4 are signed by Beckenbauer, Puskas, Faccetti and Yashin. Good£75 - £80Click for More
32 FLUMINENSE F.C. Three items for the 50 years celebration 1902 - 1952 of the Brazilian club: 2 First Day Covers for 50 years celebration 1902 - 1952, a FDC card and FDC envelope and 4 unused postage stamps. Good£15 - £18Click for More
33 ILFORD F.C. Twenty home programmes for season 1962/3. Most are very slightly creased and some have team changes and scores entered. Generally good£30 - £35Click for More
34 ILFORD F.C. Twelve home programmes for season 1961/2. Most are very slightly creased and some have team changes and scores entered. Generally good£18 - £20Click for More
35 ILFORD F.C. Twenty one home programmes for season 1963/4. Most are very slightly creased and some have team changes and scores entered. Generally good£30 - £35Click for More
36 QUEEN'S PARK RANGERS Programme for the away FA Cup tie v Clapton 16/11/1957 played at Ilford F.C., folded, very slightly worn and scores entered. Fair to generally good£25 - £30Click for More
37 WORLD CUP 1994 USA Ten metal badges issued for the Tournament with player portraits. Very good£30 - £35Click for More
38 ARSENAL Unused Executive Box ticket for the Coca Cola Cup 3rd Round 1996/7. Very good£18 - £20Click for More
39 WALES An original 9" X 6" Press team group taken before the match v England 22/10/1955 at Cardiff City FC. Good£30 - £35Click for More
40 CARDIFF CITY Four original Press photos of various size from 1949/50 season, 3 of which are action shots and the other shows the players boarding their coach. Generally good£25 - £30Click for More
41 CARDIFF CITY BOUND VOLUME 1925/6 Forty one programmes for all first team and Welsh League at Ninian Park. Includes Arsenal, Tottenham, Manchester U, Leeds and West Ham. Programmes have no external covers. Fair to generally good£650 - £700Click for More
42 NORTH V SOUTH AT BLACKPOOL 1933 A single card for the Amateur counties match at Bloomfield Road dated 28/11/33. The game was played on 30/10/33. Name on top corner. Generally good£130 - £140Click for More
43 CHELMSFORD V CHARLTON ATHLETIC Programme for the game at Chelmsford. 30/9/1939. Slight marks. Generally Good£65 - £70Click for More
44 CHELSEA V LEICESTER CITY 1920 Programme for the game at Stamford Bridge 21/2/20. Slight crease, slight marks. Fair to generally good£55 - £60Click for More
45 CRYSTAL PALACE V SOUTHEND UNITED 1929 Programme for the game at Palace dated 20/4/29. Tears near the staple and the inside page are loose, slight folds and scores entered. Fair£85 - £90Click for More
46 LEICESTER CITY V WOLVES 1934 Programme for the game at Filbert Street dated 25/8/34. Rusty staples. Good£250 - £260Click for More
47 SOUTHPORT V HULL CITY 1938 Programme for the game at Southport dated 9/4/38. Teams neatly noted at the top of the cover. Fair to generally good£95 - £100Click for More
48 BOURNEMOUTH RESERVES V ARSENAL RESERVES 1953 Programme for the reserve game at Dean Court dated 12/12/53. Folds. Fair to generally good£20 - £25Click for More
49 BRIGHTON RESERVES V ARSENAL RESERVES 1948 Single sheet for the game at The Goldstone Ground, dated 3/1/48. Slight crease and minor tears. Fair to generally good£45 - £50Click for More
50 COVENTRY CITY V ARSENAL 1945 Programme at the War league game at Highfield Road, dated 25/8/45. Slight folds. Generally good£40 - £45Click for More
51 CRYSTAL PALACE V ARSENAL 1942 Single sheet for the game at Selhurst Park dated 31/10/42. Creased, tear and minor paper loss. Fair£35 - £40Click for More
52 PORTSMOUTH V ARSENAL 1948 Programme for the game at Fratton Park, dated 21/4/48 in Arsenal's Championship season. Slight fold. Generally good£20 - £25Click for More
53 PRESTON V ARSENAL 1954 Single card for the game at Deepdale, dated 24/2/54. Played on a Wednesday afternoon. Folds. Fair£270 - £280Click for More
54 WATFORD V ARSENAL 1945 Single sheet for the game at Vicarage Road dated 21/4/45. Folds. Generally good£30 - £35Click for More
55 CARDIFF CITY RESERVES V ARSENAL RESERVES 1948 Programme for the reserve game at Ninian Park dated 25/12/48. Folds, score noted on the cover. Fair£20 - £25Click for More
56 SWANSEA RESERVES V ARSENAL RESERVES 1947 Single sheet for the game at Vetch Field dated 29/11/47. Slight crease. Generally good£30 - £35Click for More
57 ABERDEEN V EVERTON FRIENDLY IN TORONTO 1956 Programme for the game in Canada dated 16/6/56. Tape mark on half the spine. Slight crease. Fair£65 - £70Click for More
58 BOURNEMOUTH PUBLIC TRIALS Two single sheets for Reds v Whites at Dean Court, dated 11/8/56 and 17/8/57. Team changes. Fair£12 - £15Click for More
59 BOURNEMOUTH RESERVES V TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR RESERVES Programme for the reserve game at Dean Court dated 12/4/55. Slight marks. Generally good£20 - £25Click for More
60 BRENTFORD RESERVES V TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR RESERVES Programme for the reserve game at Griffin Park, dated 4/10/50. Slight crease and tears. Fair to generally good£20 - £25Click for More
61 ENGLISH LEAGUE V IRISH LEAGUE AT BLACKPOOL 1950 Programme for the Inter League game at Bloomfield Road dated 18/10/50. Folds. Fair to generally good£20 - £25Click for More
62 NORTHERN COMMAND V ANTI AIRCRAFT COMMAND 1944 Programme for the Inter Services game at Chesterfield, dated 18/3/44. Slight fold. Generally good£65 - £70Click for More
63 1968/9 FEYENOORD V NEWCASTLE UNITED FAIRS CUP Programme for the game in Holland, from Newcastle's Fairs Cup winning season. Small tear on the back. Generally good£150 - £160Click for More
64 1968/9 UJPEST DOZSA V NEWCASTLE UNITED FAIRS CUP FINAL Programme for the Fairs Cup final in Hungary dated 11/6/69. Slight vertical crease. Generally good£250 - £260Click for More
65 HALLAM V LEYTONSTONE AMATEUR CUP Programme for the game at Hallam dated 25/2/61 for the replay game. Slight fold. Generally good£12 - £15Click for More
66 BANBURY SPENCER V OXFORD UNITED 1963 Programme for the Oxford Senior Cup game at Banbury, dated 28/5/63. Oxford's first league season. Slight crease. Generally good£30 - £35Click for More
67 KINGS LYNN V OXFORD UNITED 1962 Programme for the FAC game at Kings Lynn dated 24/11/62. Oxford's first league season. Good£30 - £35Click for More
68 PRESTON LADIES V OLDHAM LADIES AT BLACKPOOL 1962 Programme for the ladies game at Bloomfield Road dated 6/8/62. Folds. Fair to generally good£12 - £15Click for More
69 1945/6 NEWPORT COUNTY V WEST BROM Programme for the game at Newport dated 6/4/46. Slight folds. Fair to generally good£130 - £140Click for More
70 1954/5 WEST BROM V MANCHESTER UNITED Programme for the game at The Hawthorns dated 30/4/55 for the Youth Cup Final. Also covers the reserve game versus Wolves. Mark along the spine, folds and teams lightly noted on the cover. Fair£95 - £100Click for More
71 WATFORD A miscellany of B/W Press photos and autographed magazine team group pictures from 1960's. Ten 6" X 4" from the early 1980's with stamps on the reverse and eight 8" X 6" press photos with paper notation on the reverse with 4 portraits on each photo from 1985. Four team group pictures with 5, 8, 15 and 8 autographs. Generally good£25 - £30Click for More
72 ROY OF THE ROVERS Annual for 1958. No writing. Generally good£12 - £15Click for More
73 TED DRAKE / ALF KIRCHEN / VIC BUCKINGHAM / AUTOGRAPHS An album sheet hand signed by Drake and Kirchen of Arsenal and Buckingham of Tottenham Hotspur on one side in pencil and Jack Pickering of Sheffield United and Jackie Bestall of Grimsby Town on the reverse. Generally good£25 - £30Click for More
74 BOXING / JIMMY WILDE AUTOGRAPH Mounted montage of Jimmy Wilde, two pictures of Wilde, one with a signature beneath the picture. Complete item measures 12" x 17". Jimmy Wilde was born in 1892 in Merthyr Tydfil , became the first World Flyweight Champion of the World and is regarded by many as the Greatest British Boxer of All Time. Wilde had the longest unbeaten streak in boxing history with a record of 93-0. Good£25 - £30Click for More
75 CHARLES BUCHAN'S FOOTBALL MONTHLY Over 90 issues including Nov. 52, Mar. - May, Aug and Sept. 54, Jan. 55 - Dec 60 complete, May and June 61, May 63, May and June 63, May 65, March - Oct. 66 all relating to the 1966 World Cup. March 1958 includes the Manchester United insert. Generally good£35 - £40Click for More
76 MANCHESTER CITY 1967/8 CHAMPIONS An official binder containing 52 programmes from Championship season 67/8 only missing Coventry City away in the League. Home: 22 League including Coventry City 13/1/68 postponed, FA Cup v. Reading and Leicester, League Cup v. Leicester and Blackpool and Friendlies v. Borussia Dortmund and Sparta Prague. Aways: 20 League, FA Cup Reading and Leicester and League Cup v. Reading and Leicester. Leicester League Cup at home has a token missing and some are slightly creased. Generally good£45 - £50Click for More
77 THE M.C.C. 1787 - 1937 Hardback book issued in conjunction with The Times in 1937. Ageing marks on the inside pages and cover slightly worn. Generally good£35 - £40Click for More
78 ATHLETIC NEWS FOOTBALL ANNUALS Eleven annuals, 1925/6, 1926/7, 1927/8, 1929/30, 1930/1, 1931/2 paper loss from the bottom of the front cover and the top of the back cover, 1933/4 tears on front cover, 1934/5 slight damage to the top of the front cover, 1935/6, 1936/7 and 1939/40. Fair to generally good£55 - £60Click for More
79 BRADFORD PARK AVENUE 1969/70 Nine home programmes in their final League season Oldham, Newport, Darlington, Chester, Southend, Exeter, York, Cardiff Friendly and Grimsby. Very good£18 - £20Click for More
80 1948 OLYMPICS - LONDON Two items: World Sports dated August 1948, special Olympic number of the official British Olympic Association magazine, plus programme for White City Athletics meeting British Empire v USA 12/8/48, held 5 days after the Olympics Athletics events finished, the programme is signed on the front cover by Maureen Gardner who had equalled the World and Olympic record eight days earlier in the 80 metres hurdles. Plus World Sports magazine December 1968 Mexico 68 Olympic results issue, hardback programme for London's Meeting of Olympic Stars 28/9/1960 with results entered and signed on two pages by Adrian Breaker and The Olympic Museum Collection Postcard Set 1968 - 2004. Generally good£25 - £30Click for More
81 MANCHESTER UNITED Eight programmes for Pre-season matches in the Far East 1999 - 2005. Very good£20 - £25Click for More
82 MANCHESTER UNITED Twenty three programmes for Pre-season matches in Europe including Strasbourg 64/5 EC, Naxxar Lions 86/7, Stuttgart 79/80, Schalke 79/9, Brondby 98/9 Friendly, Brann 98/9, Bochum 79/80, Nuremburg 76/7, Hamburg 76/7 and Werder Bremen 77/8. The majority of the others are 1980's and 1990's. Very good£25 - £30Click for More
83 MANCHESTER UNITED Nine programmes for away Friendlies v Home Park 59/60, Auckland 24/6/1975, Swaziland 1983, Port Vale 80's, Bermuda & Somerset C.C. 1987, Socceroos 1999, Celtic 92/3, East Fife 95/6 and Omagh 99/00. Very good£12 - £15Click for More
84 MANCHESTER UNITED Official brochure for the Glazers, as Red Football Limited, Unconditional Mandatory Cash Offer for Manchester United in May 2005. Very good£12 - £15Click for More
85 EUROPEAN SUPER CUP 2008 Three Press folders including Press kits in English, French and Russian for Manchester United v Zenit St. Petersburg 29/8/2008 in Monaco. The Russian folder includes the St. Petersburg issue programme. Very good£25 - £30Click for More
86 BRITISH TEAMS IN DUBAI Four programmes for matches played in Dubai, AL NASR v. Liverpool 26/5/1978, Liverpool v. Celtic 9/12/1986, Everton v. Glasgow Rangers 8/12/1987 and Liverpool v. Celtic 4/4/1989. Good£20 - £25Click for More
87 MERLINS STICKER ALBUMS Six Merlin's Premier League Sticker Albums, 1994-1999 inclusive, each album is complete with all stickers in good condition. Good£55 - £60Click for More
88 CHAMPIONS LEAGUE 2011 Excellently produced 52-page book by UEFA with DVD covering the 2010/11 season won by Barcelona against Manchester Utd in the Final. Good£12 - £15Click for More
89 WARTIME CONCERT PROGRAMMES Eight programmes for concerts 1944-1946. National Gallery - Fleet Street Choir 19/10/1944, Royal Albert Hall - London Philharmonic Orchestra 24/6/1945, Wigmore Hall - Zorian String Quartet 22/10/1945, Southwark Cathedral Special Choir and Orchestra 10/11/1945, National Gallery - Blech String Quartet 13/11/1945, Royal Albert Hall - Elisabeth Schumann, Moiseiwitsch and Gerald Moore 19/11/1945, Royal Albert Hall - BBC Symphony Orchestra 12/12/1945 and King's Theatre Hammersmith - London Chamber Orchestra covering 1/8/15/22nd April 1946. Plus 4 programmes for 1950's concerts, Holborn Library Hall 9/1/1950, 2 X Royal Festival Hall 14/2/1952 and 14/10/1952 and Royal Albert Hall 26/3/1952. Generally good£18 - £20Click for More
90 TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR AUTOGRAPHS 1975 Programme for the away League match v Middlesbrough 15/3/1975 signed on the cover by Pat Jennings, Chris Jones, Terry Naylor, Terry Neill, Ralph Coates and Alfie Conn. Generally good£25 - £30Click for More
91 BILLY RICHARDS / FULHAM / 1930'S CONTRACTS Four original contracts for Billy Richards, who played for Fulham 1931 - 1935 making 76 appearances and scoring 14 goals. Contracts are dated 1931, 1932, 1933 and 1934 and all have hand signed signatures of Richards and a representative of Fulham FC. All have the usual horizontal fold and some have minor repairs. Generally good£110 - £120Click for More
92 MANCHESTER UNITED Twenty seven Manchester United Luncheon Club menus 1998 - 2002 with guest speakers including Duncan McKenzie, Frank McLintock, Nobby Stiles, Tommy Smith, Earnie Shavers, Allan Clarke, Norman Hunter, Steve Bruce, Jack Charlton, Peter Shilton and Mike Summerbee. Very good£30 - £35Click for More
93 MANCHESTER UNITED Six home matchday menus v Ipswich Town 22/9/2001, Liverpool 5/4/2003, Derby County 5/5/2001 X 2, Grill Room and VIP, Tottenham Hotspur 2/12/2000 and Aston Villa 20/1/2001 plus 2 menus for events at Old Trafford. Very good£12 - £15Click for More
94 FOOTBALL CIGARETTE CARDS Two complete albums of Association Footballers 1935-1936 issued by WD & HO Wills. One set has been stuck into the official album and the others are loose in a general picture card album Generally good£20 - £25Click for More
95 SIR STANLEY ROUS A Order of Service for the Service of Thanksgiving for the Life and Work of Sir Stanley Rous 1895 - 1986 at Westminster Abbey 25/9/1986 plus a Middlesex Wanderers Association F.C. Anniversary Dinner menu on 21/11/1970 at the Café Royal, London with Rous a the Guest of Honour, slight vertical fold and very slightly marked. Generally good£12 - £15Click for More
96 NORTH AMERICAN PROGRAMMES Twenty five programmes including San Diego Sockers v. Dallas Sidekicks 8/5/1992, 8 Toronto Rockets home programmes, 1993 v. Windsor Wheels, v. London City, v. St. Catherines Roma League & Cup) v. Winnipeg Fury, v. Toronto Italia and v. Toronto Jets and 1994 v. Montreal Impact, Supra Montreal v. Intrepid Ottawa 19/6/1988, 2 Montreal Impact homes v. Salsa 30/9/1994 and v. Vancouver 86 27/8/1995, 4 Toronto Blizzard homes v. Montreal Supra / Edmonton Brickmen 1989, v. North York Rockets 1988, v. Hamilton Steelers 1988 and v. Ottawa Pioneers 1987, 4 Vancouver 86 homes v. Hamilton, v. Kitchener and v. Victoria, all 1990 and v. Hamilton Steelers 1989 Championship Final and Media Guide, 4 North York Rockets homes v. Calgary Kickers and 2 v. Supra Montreal, all 1988 and v. Toronto Blizzard 1989 and Ottawa Intrepid v. Toronto Blizzard 8/7/1990 and Vancouver v. San Diego 8/8/1981. Good£12 - £15Click for More
97 THE COURIER Seven issues of military newspapers 1948 and 1949, printed in English but published in Greece, includes no. 1 dated 30/10/48. This title superseded the "Union Jack" newspaper. Good£12 - £15Click for More
98 COLIN BELL Green t-shirt worn by Colin during the BBC Superstars event with signed Certificate of Authenticity from Colin Bell. Good£55 - £60Click for More
99 LOS ANGELES OLYMPICS 1984 Official Olympic Souvenir programme, 1984 Los Angeles Olympics, 324-pages, large format. Good£20 - £25Click for More
100 LIVERPOOL 1914 F.A. CUP FINAL MEDAL A boxed gold medal for Liverpool's first F.A. Cup Final in 1914 v Burnley. It was to be the last time the showpiece final was played at the Crystal Palace ground and it was also the first time the final was played in front of a reigning monarch, George V. The medal has the Football Association crest on one side and on the reverse is "Challenge Cup Runners Up" and engraved is "Liverpool F.C. Won By T. Miller 1913-14" and the gold hallmark. The dark red box has the issuer's name inside the lid, Vaughtons Limited of Birmingham and the lid contains the lettering "The Football Asson. Challenge Cup 1913-14". The medal was won by Tom Miller. Miller began his career with Larkhall United and joined Hamilton Academicals before moving to Liverpool in 1912. He later moved to Manchester United in 1920. Miller was the vendor's great uncle. Good£8500 - £9000Click for More

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