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Commission Bidding Tips...


  1. We suggest that customers send commission bids directly to Sportingold rather than to OR as this saves customers a percentage on the buyers premium..

  2. Please bid in whole Pounds , ie not pence, our auctioneer does not accept amounts in pence and we automatically round bids including pence down to the nearest pound, eg £32-51p is entered as £32.

  3. Can we please suggest that commission bids are sent to us as soon as possible before the auction as if two or more bids are received for the same amount for a Lot, the bid received first will receive priority.

  4. Please do not send bids both to us at Sportingold and to or We both issue a paddle number to commission bidders and if the bids are sent to both of us, two different paddle numbers are issued and as our auctioneer only sees paddle numbers, not names , during the auction it is very likely that the bids will compete against each other and result in the bidder paying a higher hammer price than might otherwise be the case. 

  5. All Lots are protected by a reserve price below which the auctioneer will not sell the item at the auction, we provide estimates in the catalogue for each Lot and commission bids substantially below the estimates are likely to be below the reserve price.

  6. With commission bids, we open the bidding at the reserve price and bid for you until either you obtain the Lot or your maximum bid is exceeded by the bidding process. We do not bid for you beyond your maximum bid.

  7. Please can you include your name and a postal address for invoicing purposes on your commission bids.

  8. IMPORTANT - all purchases are made subject to our Terms & Conditions


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