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Sale Day: 07/06/2019

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301 1902 CUP FINAL Official matchcard 1902 Cup Final Replay, Southampton v Sheffield United at the Crystal Palace, 26/4/1902. Sheffield United won the replay 2-1 in front of a low crowd of 33,068 although 76,914 watched the first, drawn game at the same venue the previous Saturday which ended 1-1. Southampton were a Southern League club at the time. The match card is in generally good condition, no writing, slightly fragile at the top edge and very slight marking to top edge. Slight fold. Generally good£9500 - £10000Click for More
302 1911 FA CUP FINAL W.H Smith 1911 Cup Final Programme, Newcastle United v Bradford City, 22/4/1911 at the Crystal Palace. Priced one penny, the four page card programme lists the two teams and match officials and a note saying that in the event of a draw the replay would be at Manchester United on 26/4/1911. Useful information as then game ended 0-0 and Bradford City won 1-0 at Old Trafford in the replay. The front page has the match information and a photo of Colin Veitch whilst the back page has a photo of James Spiers (who scored the goal in the replay) plus a note of how the clubs reached the Final and their current position in the League. Fold, no writing. Generally good£5500 - £6000Click for More
1213 1912 OLYMPICS A black & white action postcard, believed to be Sweden v. Netherlands issued by Hadin of Stockholm. Good£35 - £40Click for More
204 1920 CUP FINAL Official programme, 1920 Cup Final, Aston Villa v Huddersfield at Stamford Bridge, Chelsea, fold, slight tears to outside edge of cover, tape marks. Fair£1100 - £1200Click for More
205 1921 CUP FINAL Official programme, 1921 Cup Final, Tottenham v Wolves at Stamford Bridge, Chelsea, fold, some creasing, no writing. Fair£100 - £1200Click for More
206 1922 CUP FINAL Official programme, 1922 Cup Final, Preston v Huddersfield at Stamford Bridge, Chelsea, worn along folds. Slight tears to edge. Fair£900 - £1000Click for More
208 1923 CUP FINAL Match ticket, 1923 Cup Final, North Standing Reserved Enclosure. Minor folds. Fair-generally good£250 - £300Click for More
207 1923 CUP FINAL Official programme, 1923 Cup Final, Bolton v West Ham at Wembley, condition is generally good although top right corner of back cover has a piece torn off. Fold, no writing. Fair£550 - £600Click for More
209 1924 CUP FINAL Official programme 1924 Cup Final, Aston Villa v Newcastle, front colour cover is present but back colour cover is missing. Small caricature and signature on team lists of famous Scottish entertainer Harry Lauder. Other than the missing back colour cover the programme is intact and in good condition and it is possible to buy a replica back cover. As described£1100 - £1200Click for More
210 1924 CUP FINAL Match ticket 1924 Cup Final, rather scarce because it has two counterfoils attached and appears to be unused. One of the counterfoils was to be given up on entering the Stadium for the Final, the second counterfoil was to be given up on entering the British Empire Exhibition which was taking place at Wembley at the time and buyers of 2/6d ticket obviously obtained entrance to the Exhibition as part of the Cup Final ticket. Entrance 9 ticket. Good£550 - £600Click for More
212 1925 CUP FINAL Match ticket 1925 Cup Final, Standing Enclosure ticket, slight folds to one corner. Generally good£160 - £180Click for More
211 1925 CUP FINAL Official programme 1925 Cup Final, Cardiff v Sheffield United, staples removed, no writing. Generally good£540 - £560Click for More
214 1926 CUP FINAL Match ticket 1926 Cup Final, West Standing Enclosure, slight tears to edge with tape repair along back side edge of the ticket. Fair£120 - £140Click for More
213 1926 CUP FINAL Official programme, 1926 Cup Final, Bolton v Manchester City, fold, slight creasing, no writing. Fair-generally good£420 - £450Click for More
215 1927 CUP FINAL Official programme 1927 Cup Final, Arsenal v Cardiff City, staples removed, damp stain scuff to top edge of several pages. Fair£420 - £450Click for More
217 1927 CUP FINAL Daily Express Community Singing songsheet, 1927 Cup Final, the first year when Community Singing took place at the Cup Final. Good£110 - £120Click for More
216 1927 CUP FINAL Match ticket 1927 Cup Final, East Standing Enclosure, slight folds. Generally good£110 - £120Click for More
220 1928 CUP FINAL Daily Express Community Singing Songsheet 1928 Cup Final, fold, a couple of tears to outside edge. Fair£75 - £80Click for More
219 1928 CUP FINAL Match ticket, 1928 Cup Final, standing ticket, slight creases. Fair-generally good£90 - £100Click for More
218 1928 CUP FINAL Official programme, Blackburn v Huddersfield, 1928 Cup Final, clear tape along spine, staples removed. Fair£300 - £320Click for More
222 1929 CUP FINAL Match ticket, 1929 Cup Final, standing ticket, very slight wear along edge. Generally good£75 - £80Click for More
221 1929 CUP FINAL Official programme, Bolton v Portsmouth, 1929 Cup Final, slight fold. Generally good£340 - £360Click for More
224 1930 CUP FINAL Match ticket, 1930 Cup Final , South Terrace Seats. Generally good£70 - £80Click for More
225 1930 CUP FINAL Community singing songsheet 1930 Cup Final , slightly worn along folds. Fair-generally good£55 - £60Click for More
223 1930 CUP FINAL Official programme, Arsenal v Huddersfield, 1930 Cup Final, staples removed, slight creasing. Generally good£360 - £380Click for More
308 1931 CUP FINAL Community Singing Songsheet 1931 Cup Final. Fold Generally good£55 - £60Click for More
307 1931 CUP FINAL Match ticket 1931 Cup Final, Grand Stand Seat. Good£70 - £80Click for More
306 1931 CUP FINAL Official programme, 1931 Cup Final, Birmingham v West Brom, staples removed, slight creasing. Generally good£320 - £340Click for More
310 1932 CUP FINAL Match ticket 1932 Cup Final, South Terrace Seats, slight crease. Generally good£60 - £65Click for More
311 1932 CUP FINAL Community Singing Songsheet 1932 Cup Final, slight creases. Fair-generally good£45 - £50Click for More
309 1932 CUP FINAL Official programme, 1932 Cup Final, Arsenal v Newcastle, fold, creases, score noted on team page. Fair£240 - £260Click for More
750 1932 PROGRAMME SERVICES - EGYPT Very scarce programme, The Army v The Royal Air Force, 8/4/1932 at National Sporting Club, Gezira, Egypt. Army team included players from Kings Own, South Staffords, 14th/20th Hussars and R.H.A whilst the Air Force included players from 45 Squadron, 208 Sqn, 6 Sqn and 14 Sqn plus RAF Depot and HQ. The referee was from the Egyptian FA but all other participants were British. Scarce item. Also included is a postcard team group of the RAF team, a Royal Air Force Middle east Association Football cloth Shirt/Blazer badge and a full match report of the game in which the RAF triumphed 5-2. Good£60 - £70Click for More
314 1933 CUP FINAL Community Singing Songsheet, 1933 Cup Final, fold. Generally good£35 - £40Click for More
313 1933 CUP FINAL Match ticket 1933 Cup Final. Standing ticket. Generally good£55 - £60Click for More
312 1933 CUP FINAL Official programme 1933 Cup Final, Everton v Manchester City, slight staple rusting. Generally good£240 - £260Click for More
317 1934 CUP FINAL Community Singing Songsheet , 1934 Cup Final, folds. Generally good£35 - £40Click for More
315 1934 CUP FINAL Official programme, 1934 Cup Final, Manchester City v Portsmouth, slight fold, minor staple rusting. Generally good£240 - £260Click for More
316 1934 CUP FINAL Match ticket 1934 Cup Final, North Terrace Seat, slight scuff/paper erosion to bottom corner when entering the stadium. Generally good£50 - £55Click for More
318 1935 CUP FINAL Official programme, 1935 Cup Final, Sheffield Wed v West Brom, stiffened silver cover fold and creases, remainder of programme is generally good. Fair-generally good£180 - £200Click for More
319 1935 CUP FINAL Match ticket 1935 Cup Final, standing ticket. Good£45 - £50Click for More
1397 1935 CUP FINAL Official programme, 1935 Cup Final, Sheffield Wednesday v West Brom, cover creased, score, scorers noted but inside pages generally good. Fair-generally good£150 - £160Click for More
320 1935 CUP FINAL Community Singing Songsheet, 1935 Cup Final, folds. Generally good£35 - £40Click for More
323 1936 CUP FINAL Community Singing songsheet, 1936 Cup Final, folds, slight creasing. Generally good£35 - £40Click for More
322 1936 CUP FINAL Match ticket 1936 Cup Final, standing ticket. Fold. Generally good£45 - £50Click for More
321 1936 CUP FINAL Official programme, 1936 Cup Final, Arsenal v Sheffield United, fold, staples rusty. Fair-generally good£170 - £180Click for More
326 1937 CUP FINAL Community Singing Songsheet, 1937 Cup Final, fold, slight creasing. Generally good£30 - £35Click for More
324 1937 CUP FINAL Official programme, 1937 Cup Final, Preston v Sunderland, slight fold. Good£170 - £180Click for More
325 1937 CUP FINAL Match ticket, 1937 Cup Final, standing ticket. Good£45 - £50Click for More
329 1938 CUP FINAL Community Singing Songsheet, 1938 Cup Final, fold, slight ageing. Generally good£30 - £35Click for More
328 1938 CUP FINAL Match ticket 1938 Cup Final, Terrace Seat, slight marks. Generally good£40 - £45Click for More
327 1938 CUP FINAL Official Programme, 1938 Cup Final, Huddersfield v Preston, slight tears to outside edge (minor), slight staple rusting. Fair-generally good£140 - £150Click for More
1399 1939 CUP FINAL Match ticket for 1939 Cup Final, Portsmouth v Wolves, minor Creases. Fair-generally good£35 - £40Click for More
332 1939 CUP FINAL Community Singing Songsheet, 1939 Cup Final, minor tears along folds, slight ageing. Fair£30 - £35Click for More
330 1939 CUP FINAL Official programme, 1939 Cup Final, Portsmouth v Wolves, slight fold, a few marks (not too serious), Fair-generally good£120 - £130Click for More
671 1939 CUP FINAL Programme, 1939 Cup Final, Portsmouth v Wolves, slight creasing, some staple rusting, no writing. Fair-generally good£130 - £140Click for More
331 1939 CUP FINAL Match ticket, Grand Stand Seat, Good£35 - £40Click for More
268 1940's A collection of 24 programmes from the 1940's to include matches at Barnsley , Birmingham , Brentford , Charlton , Chelsea , Coventry , Doncaster, Everton, Hull, Lincoln City , Luton , Millwall , Norwich (v Millwall 1949/50), Nuneaton Borough v Mossley FAC 1949/50, Sheffield Wednesday , Stockport, Tottenham , Walsall , West Ham and Wolverhampton Wanderers. Some minor faults. Fair to generally good £55 - £60Click for More
738 1940s Eleven programmes, 40s, inc Burnley v Huddersfield 48/9, Bolton v Huddersfield 47/8, Blackpool v Aston Villa 48/9, Derby v Preston 46/7, Aston Villa Res v Burnley Res 46/7, Everton v Huddersfield 47/8, Wolves v Bolton 46/7, Blackpool v Huddersfield 46/7, West Ham v Brentford 45/6 (marks on reverse, a few tears), West Ham v Nottm Forest 46/7 (white issue) and Chesterfield Res v Shef Utd Res 46/7. Range of faults. Fair£45 - £50Click for More
739 1940s Eleven programmes 40s, inc Arsenal v Portsmouth 46/7, Crystal Palace v Notts County 46/7, Blackpool v Huddersfield 47/8, Millwall v Southampton 46/7, Man City v Huddersfield 47/8, FA XI v Army PT Corps 45/6 at Wembley, Torquay v Southend 47/8, Shef Utd v Aston Villa 46/7, Coventry Res v Southampton Res 46/7 , Leicester v Southampton 46/7 and Tottenham v Plymouth 46/7. Some of the usual range of faults. Fair£45 - £50Click for More
1262 1940'S FOOTBALL PROGRAMMES A collection of 16 programmes, mostly with faults: Brentford v Southampton 48/9 with team changes, Luton v Brentford 47/8, Arsenal v Nottm. Forest 45/6 Carlisle United v Tranmere Rovers 8/1/1949 with 3 punched holes per page repaired, Millwall v Newcastle 47/8 punched holes, Brentford v Luton 49/50 with a section cut out of page 9/10, not affecting the line-ups, Bury v Barnsley 48/9 with small tape inside on the spine, Man. Utd. V Portsmouth 49/50 with tape on the spine inside, Southampton v Barnsley and Luton both 46/7 and both have 2 punched holes repaired, Brentford v Chelsea 21/10/1939 with only the single page with the team line-ups, QPR Reserves v Leicester City Reserves 38/9 with tape on the inside of the spine, Beckenham v Carshalton 49/50 Kent Lge., and the following have 2 punched holes repaired: Sutton Utd. V Tooting & Mitcham 46/7 Surrey Cup, Merton v Carshalton 46/7 Amateur Cup and Wood Green Town v Carshalton 47/8 London Senior Cup. Most are slightly creased with team changes. Fair£45 - £50Click for More
620 1940'S NON-LEAGUE FOOTBALL PROGRAMMES Fifteen programmes including Walthamstow Ave. v. Clapton FC 46/7, Leytonstone v Walthamstow Ave. 48/9, Barking v Zwolle 49/50 and v. Leyton 49/50, Chelmsford City v Colchester Utd. 49/50 SLC, Cheshunt v Edmonton Borough 49/50, Colchester Utd. V. Weymouth 49/50, Dulwich Hamlet v Clapton 47/8, Enfield v Hendon 47/8, Ilford v Tufnell Park 47/8, Stalybridge Celtic v Ashton United 47/8, Tooting & Mitcham v Finchley 47/8, Tufnell Park v St. Albans City 29/4/1944, Minehead v Barnstaple 48/9 and 1949 Army Cup Final at the Aldershot Military Stadium. Generally good£80 - £90Click for More
717 1946 CUP FINAL Official programme 1946 Cup Final, Charlton v Derby, rusty staples , some creasing and some markings both due to probable damp damage. Only Fair£40 - £45Click for More
718 1946 SEMI-FINAL Programme, Bolton v Charlton, 23/3/46 at Villa Park, Cup Semi-Final, fold rusty staples and some damp markings. Fair£22 - £25Click for More
701 1948 CUP FINAL Official programme, match ticket and songsheet, 1948 Cup Final, Blackpool v Man Utd, programme has number on cover, score, scorers, changes and notes on team pages, , seat ticket has paperclip marks and songsheet has a one inch across hole. Fair£45 - £50Click for More
1295 1948 FA CUP FINAL Blackpool v Manchester Utd 24/4/48. Repair to spine, cover detached, rusty staples. Folds. Fair£18 - £20Click for More
231 1948 OLYMPICS LONDON Eight programmes for Athletics at Wembley 30/7, 31/7, 2/8 scores entered, 3/8 rusty staples, 4/8, 5/8 scores entered, 6/8 and 7/8 scores entered. Generally good£60 - £70Click for More
232 1948 OLYMPICS LONDON Eight programmes. Fencing, slightly rusty staples. Gymnastics, writing on th4e cover. Hockey Semi-Final at Wembley 9/8/1948 GB v Pakistan, slightly rusty staples. Swimming 4/8, writing on cover, 5/8, scores entered and 7/8, writing on cover. Boxing 9/8/1948 slightly rusty staples and slightly creased. Closing Ceremony, slightly rusty staples and scores entered. Generally good£80 - £90Click for More
228 1948 OLYMPICS LONDON / FOOTBALL Programme for the Football Final at Wembley 13/8/1948, Sweden v Yugoslavia, very slight horizontal crease. Generally good£30 - £35Click for More
229 1948 OLYMPICS LONDON / FOOTBALL Programme for the Football Semi-Final at Wembley 10/8/1948, Sweden v Denmark, slightly rusty staples. Generally good£25 - £30Click for More
230 1948 OLYMPICS LONDON / FOOTBALL Programme for the Football Semi-Final at Wembley 11/8/1948, Great Britain v Yugoslavia, slight vertical crease. Generally good£25 - £30Click for More
1291 1949 FA CUP FINAL Programme for Leicester City v Wolves with team changes and score, lacks staple along with Sports Mail Cup Final Souvenir newspaper (small piece missing from top). Fair-generally good£30 - £35Click for More
272 1950's A collection of 38 programmes from the 1950's to include matches at Arsenal , Aston Villa , Birmingham , Bournemouth , Brentford , Bristol City , Burnley , Charlton , Chelsea , Chesterfield , Coventry , Crewe (v Plymouth 1950/51), Fulham , Grimsby Town , Huddersfield ( v Tottenham 1950/51 - Championship season), Ipswich , Lincoln City , Manchester City , Manchester United , Plymouth Argyle , QPR , Rotherham , Sheffield Wednesday , Torquay United , Tottenham , West Ham and Wolverhampton Wanderers. Some minor faults. Fair to generally good £45 - £50Click for More
622 1950'S NON-LEAGUE PROGRAMMES Sixty seven programmes including 8 X Ilford homes, 4 X Leytonstone homes and 6 X St. Albans City plus a large variety of home clubs. Generally good£100 - £110Click for More
702 1953 CUP FINAL Official programme, match ticket and songsheet, 1953 Cup Final, Blackpool v Bolton, programme has minor fold, no writing and is in generally good condition, standing ticket is in good condition, Songsheet has a fold and slight tears to edges. Fair-good£45 - £50Click for More
404 1956 EUROPEAN CUP FINAL Official programme, Real Madrid v Reims, 13/6/56, at Parc des Princes, Paris, the first ever European Cup Final. Slight fold. No writing. Good£3400 - £3600Click for More
1222 1958 WORLD CUP SWEDEN Programme for Mexico v. Hungary 15/6/1958 at Sandviken. Good£35 - £40Click for More
1177 1960'S NON-LEAGUE FOOTBALL PROGRAMMES Over 80 programmes including 6 X Cambridge City homes, 4 X Dartford, 4 X Gravesend & Northfleet, 8 X Hereford United, 3 X Oxford United including v. Bath City 60/1 first season as Oxford, Romford v Enfield 64/5 FA Cup at Arsenal FC, 4 X Romford, 4 X Wimbledon and 4 X Windsor & Eton. Generally good£70 - £80Click for More
1176 1960'S NON-LEAGUE FOOTBALL PROGRAMMES Over 60 programmes including 3 X Alfreton Town homes, 5 X Burton Albion, 17 X Grantham, 4 X Skelmersdale Utd. and 2 X Wigan Ath. V. Northwich Vic. 64/5 and Macclesfield Town 65/65, Grantham v Scunthorpe Utd. Reserves 65/6, 66/7 and 67/8, Lincoln City Reserves 65/6 and 66/7, Oldham Ath. 66/7 FA Cup, Wimbledon 66/7 FA Cup, Swindon Town 68/9 FA Cup and Grimsby Town Reserves 67/8, Skelmersdale Utd. V. Tranmere Rovers Reserves 69/70 and Stamford v. Scunthorpe United Reserves 65/6 and 67/8. Generally good£70 - £80Click for More
634 1965 EUROPEAN CUP FINAL Special edition of Italian Magazine, Supersport with extensive coverage of Inter Milan's victory over Benfica in Milan with many pictures and articles. The large magazine has 56 pages. Very slightly worn. Generally good£35 - £40Click for More
159 1966 WORLD CUP - ENGLAND Cover issued 18th August 1966 with Houses of Parliament on the front signed in ink by the eleven England players who played in the Final v West Germany and Alf Ramsey. England winners stamp and franked Hastings, Sussex, First Day of Issue. Good£380 - £400Click for More
336 1966 WORLD CUP TICKETS Six tickets plus a season ticket wallet and a sheet advising the holder to retain their Final ticket in case of a Replay. Tickets: 4 at Everton FC, Brazil v Bulgaria with paper loss on entry, Hungary v Brazil with paper loss on entry, Portugal v Brazil and Portugal v North Korea Q-F and 2 tickets for the Final at Wembley. One has small paper loss on the top right corner and the other has small paper loss top right, creased and minor tears. Fair£260 - £280Click for More
690 1968 UEFA EURO FINAL Italy v Yugoslavia Final , 3/4 Place Play-off England v USSR played 8 June 1968 at the Stadio Olimpico, Rome. Stadio'' Stadium newspaper style issue dated 8 June 1968 previewing both matches played back-to-back at the Stadio Olimpico. Includes front cover full team line-ups for both games. Slight ageing along fold Generally good£100 - £120Click for More
691 1968 UEFA EURO FINAL REPLAY Italy v Yugoslavia played 10 June 1968 at the Stadio Olimpico, Roma. ''Stadio'' Stadium newspaper style issue dated 10 June 1968 previewing the Final Replay. Includes large format full team line-ups to page three. Ageing along fold. Generally good£100 - £120Click for More
689 1968 UEFA EURO SEMI-FINAL England v Yugoslavia & Italy v USSR played 5 June 1968 in Florence & Naples, Italy. ''Stadio'' Stadium newspaper style issue dated 5 June 1968 previewing both matches and includes front page full team line-ups for both games. Slight ageing along fold. Generally good£100 - £120Click for More
635 1970 EUROPEAN CUP FINAL Two Dutch publications covering Feyenoord's victory over Celtic in Milan. Voetbal International magazine. Pages 23/24 and 25/26 are missing. The coverage of the final starts on with pictures and articles through to page 14, therefore the pages relating to the final are complete. Plus a 4 page special edition of Rotterdamsch Nieuwsblad which is folded and slightly worn. Fair£22 - £25Click for More
694 1970 FIFA WORLD CUP MEXICO 68-Page Italian tournament programme published in Milan and dated June 1970. Includes history of previous World Cup, tournament fixture programme up to and including the Final, introduction to all the squads with team line-ups and various pre-tournament articles. Generally good£75 - £80Click for More
695 1972 ECWC Carl Zeiss Jena v Leeds United played 25 October 1972 at the Ernst-Abbe Stadion in Jena, East Germany. Rare official 6-page fold out style programme. Bottom piece missing no loss of print. small tear. Fair-generally good£230 - £250Click for More
1147 1972 OLYMPICS MUNICH Two official stick pin badges with the Munich logo. Good£25 - £30Click for More
983 1972 OLYMPICS MUNICH A 14 disc bracelet for the Sailing at Kiel with the Munich Olympic crest on one side and engraved on the other of each disc. Presented to a British official. Good£40 - £45Click for More
636 1973 EUROPEAN CUP FINAL Two official Hurra' Juventus Magazines for May and June 1973 covering the Final v. Ajax in Belgrade. The May issue covers how they got to the final and also features Ajax. The June issue reports on the final including pictures and articles. Good£35 - £40Click for More
502 1973 EUROPEAN CUP FINAL Very scarce programme 1973 European Cup Final, Ajax v Juventus in Belgrade, no writing, very slight crease to back cover. Good£2000 - £2200Click for More
988 1976 OLYMPICS MONTREAL An official 33" X 24" poster with the Montreal 76 logo which has been folded in 8.£50 - £60Click for More
982 1980 OLYMPICS MOSCOW A 4" ceramic disc issued by the East German Olympic Committee which was only given to East German medal winners. The disc has the Olympic emblem on one side and the Olympic torch and German embossed pint on the other. Good£50 - £60Click for More
696 1982 FIFA WORLD CUP ENGLAND Rare 36-page programme for the group four matches played at the San Mames, Bilbao which included England v France, Kuwait & Czechoslovakia. Dated June 1982 and published in Bilbao. Titled ''Vascos en el Mundial'' (Basques in the World Cup) England played all three of their group matches in Bilbao. Generally good£70 - £75Click for More
697 1989 EUROPENA CUP FINAL AC Milan v Steaua Bucharest played 24 May 1989 at the Nou Camp, Barcelona. Official AC Milan ''SUPERMILAN'' programme issued to travelling Italian fans only for the Final. Also includes the original match banner (90 cm x 50 cm) which originally came with the programme. Generally good£120 - £130Click for More
1012 1990 ECWC FINAL Programme and ticket Manchester United v Barcelona 15th May 1991. Programme generally good. Ticket is complete with counterfoil but detached. As described£12 - £15Click for More
698 1990 EUROPEAN CUP FINAL AC Milan v Benfica played 23 May 1990 at the Praterstadion, Vienna. Official AC Milan ''SUPERMILAN'' programme issued to travelling Italian fans only for the Final. Also includes the original match banner (100 cm x 85 cm) which originally came with the programme. Generally good£120 - £130Click for More
1191 1991 RUGBY WORLD CUP Ten first day covers with different dates in October and November, Twickenham X 3, Murrayfield X 3, Cardiff X 3 and Lansdowne Road X 1. Good£15 - £20Click for More
1345 1993 FA CUP FINAL / ARSENAL FA programme of arrangements for the Replay, Arsenal v Sheffield Wednesday plus a ticket for the Final and Replay and a specimen Players Guest Ticket, which is slightly marked and a Pass to the Banqueting Hall both for the Replay plus a 45rpm vinyl single in colour photo cover "Shouting For The Gunners". Generally good£25 - £30Click for More
1208 1993 LEAGUE CUP FINAL Several items relating to Arsenal v Sheffield Wednesday at Wembley including programme, ticket and TV pass, a press pack in Coca Cola plastic cover, Mobile Image outside broadcast planning pack, Ian St. John's script, 10 pages plus other TV information sheets. Generally good£35 - £40Click for More

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