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1 HALIFAX - DONCASTER 1938 Halifax Town home programme v Doncaster, 18/4/1938, slight fold, score, scorer noted. Generally good£120 - £130Click for More
2 HALIFAX - DARLINGTON 1936 Halifax Town home programme v Darlington, 28/11/1936, FA Cup, slight ageing. Generally good£120 - £130Click for More
3 HALIFAX - HARTLEPOOLS 1934 Halifax Town home programme v Hartlepools, 24/11/1934, FA Cup, slight fold. Good£120 - £130Click for More
4 HALIFAX - ROCHDALE 1935 Halifax Town home programme v Rochdale, 5/10/1935, slight fold, very minor marks. Generally good£120 - £130Click for More
5 BRADFORD PA - DURHAM CITY 1927 Bradford Park Avenue home programme v Durham City, 27/8/1927, Division 3 North, ex bound volume. Final season in the Football League for Durham City whilst Park Avenue won the Championship to gain promotion to Division 2. Fair-generally good£220 - £240Click for More
6 DONCASTER - FULHAM 1935-6 Doncaster Rovers home programme v Fulham, 18/4/1936, folds, creases, staple repairs. Fair£85 - £90Click for More
7 THE CASUALS 1929 Volume 1 Number 1 dated September 5th 1929 of "The Casuals Weekly News", devoted to The Casuals, twelve pages including covers and includes a welcome to opponents Clapton although line-ups are not included in the publication. Slight fold, score noted in pencil on cover. Good£55 - £60Click for More
8 CLAPTON ORIENT - FULHAM 1915 Clapton Orient home programme v Fulham, 2/1/1915, Division 2 match. Army recruitment advert on back cover urges recruits to join the Football Battalion of the Middlesex Regiment. Slight ageing. Generally good£140 - £150Click for More
9 IPSWICH - ALDERSHOT 1938 Ipswich home programme v Aldershot Reserves, 30/4/1938, Southern League, Last season as a Non-League club for Ipswich as they replaced Gillingham in the Football League at the end of the season. Slight fold Good£80 - £90Click for More
10 MANCHESTER UNITED RESERVES 47-48 Single sheet Manchester United Reserves home programme v Derby County Reserves, 28/2/48, played at Old Trafford which was also used by Manchester City Reserves as both first teams were still playing at Maine Road. Score noted and very small tear along minor fold. Generally good£35 - £40Click for More
11 MILLWALL - GILLINGHAM 1914-15 Millwall home programme v Gillingham, 31/10/1914, Southern League, ex bound volume, slight ageing, minor tears to edge. Generally good£140 - £150Click for More
12 QPR -EXETER 1936 QPR home programme v Exeter City, 25/12/1936, not an ideal way to spend Christmas day for Exeter players and supporters. Rusty staple, no writing. Generally good£110 - £120Click for More
13 WEST HAM PRACTICE 1927 Four page West Ham United practice match programme, Reds v Blues, 13/8/1927, slight folds, no writing. Generally good£130 - £140Click for More
14 WEST HAM - NOTTM FOREST 1937-38 West Ham home programme v Nottingham Forest, 19/3/1938, fold, slight creasing, no writing. Generally good£80 - £85Click for More
15 CLAPTON ORIENT - NOTTM FOREST 1912 Clapton Orient home programme v Nottingham Forest, 19/10/1912, Division 2, slight staple rusting. Good£180 - £200Click for More
16 BRENTFORD - SOUTHAMPTON 1933 Large format Brentford home programme v Southampton, 28/10/1933. Good-very good£65 - £70Click for More
17 BRENTFORD - BURY 1934 Large format Brentford home programme v Bury, 22/9/1934, very slight creasing. Good£65 - £70Click for More
18 BRENTFORD - NOTTM FOREST 1934 Large format Brentford home programme v Nottingham Forest, 6/10/1934, slight marks. Generally good-good£65 - £70Click for More
19 BRENTFORD - BURNLEY 1934 Large format Brentford home programme v Burnley, 17/11/1934, covers probably cleaned and now in good condition. Good£65 - £70Click for More
20 BRENTFORD - WEST HAM 1934 Large format Brentford home programme v West Ham, 8/9/1934, slight marks, probably cleaned (covers) and now in good condition. Good£65 - £70Click for More
21 BRENTFORD - BOLTON 1934 Large format Brentford home programme v Bolton, 3/11/1934, slight marks, covers cleaned. Generally good£65 - £70Click for More
22 MANCHESTER UNITED - BRENTFORD 1939 Manchester United home programme v Brentford, 22/4/1939, vertical fold, staple removed, no writing. Generally good£340 - £350Click for More
23 BRENTFORD 1946-47 Complete set of Brentford home programmes, 46/47 season, 23 home games inc Cup v Cardiff and Leicester. Set of 21 home League programmes including games v Manchester United, Leeds, , Wolves, Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea etc. Brentford were relegated from Division 1 at the end of the season and have not returned since. Housed in black cloth DJ bookbinder style binder with gilt inscription on spine reading "Brentford FC Homes 1946-47". Programmes have slight faults but are in generally good-good condition. Generally good-good£150 - £160Click for More
24 BRENTFORD Collection of 48 issues of the Brentford Supporter official journal issued between May 1950 (volume 1 number 1) and May 1955. Size of issues varies from 12 pages to 16 pages, occasional tape mark or rusty staple but majority are generally good condition with occasional fair-generally good issue. As described£90 - £100Click for More
25 RANGERS - MANCHESTER UNITED 1953 Scarce match ticket, Glasgow Rangers v Manchester United, 13/5/53, Coronation Cup at Hampden Park. Reserved seat ticket.. Good£520 - £540Click for More
26 HIBERNIAN - TOTTENHAM 1953 Scarce match ticket, Hibernian v Tottenham, 11/5/53, Coronation Cup tie played at Ibrox Stadium, Rangers. Reserved seat ticket, slight folds. Generally good£320 - £340Click for More
27 BORUSSIA DORTMUND - MANCHESTER UTD 56 Fussball Vorschau Borussia Dortmund programme v Manchester United, 21/11/56, European Cup. Die Aktuelle Gelbe with insert making a six page programme. Slightly worn along fold, top edge of cover a little grubby, small tears to spine, no writing. Fair£180 - £200Click for More
28 GESTRIKLAND - WOLVERHAMPTON 46 Very scarce programme, Gestrikland v Wolves, 25/6/46 in Stromvallen, Sweden, eight page programme, signature on cover, includes pictures of Wolves players, some folds. Generally good£200 - £220Click for More
29 MANCHESTER UNITED - ABERDEEN 1951 Manchester United home programme v Aberdeen, 2/5/51, slight fold, no writing. Generally good£75 - £80Click for More
30 BIRMINGHAM - ARSENAL 1933-34 Birmingham home programme v Arsenal, 30/12/1933, Arsenal Championship season, some creasing, rusty staples, no writing. Fair£110 - £120Click for More
31 DULWICH - WEST NORWOOD 1912 Single sheet Dulwich Hamlet home programme v West Norwood, 16/11/1912, Southern Suburban League, folds, slight tears to edge. Fair-generally good£60 - £65Click for More
32 LONDON CHARITY CUP FINAL 1912 Single sheet Dulwich programme for London Charity Cup Final, Nunhead v London Caledonians 7/12/1912, slight tears. Fair-generally good£70 - £75Click for More
33 DULWICH - TUNBRIDGE WELLS 1913 Single sheet Dulwich Hamlet home programme v Tunbridge Wells, 8/3/1913, Isthmian League, slight tears to edges. Fair-generally good£60 - £65Click for More
34 DULWICH - WEST NORWOOD 1913 Single sheet Dulwich Hamlet home programme v West Norwood, 4/10/1913, Southern Suburban League, slight folds, minor tear to edge. Fair-generally good£60 - £65Click for More
35 DULWICH - LONDON CALEDONIANS 1913 Single sheet Dulwich Hamlet home programme v London Caledonians, 15/11/1913, Isthmian League, minor folds. Generally good£60 - £65Click for More
36 DULWICH - WALTON ON THAMES 1913 Single sheet Dulwich Hamlet home programme v Walton -on- Thames, 13/12/1913, Surrey Senior Cup, slight flaking off top edge, slight ageing. Fair-generally good£60 - £65Click for More
37 DULWICH - OXFORD CITY 1915 Four page Dulwich Hamlet home programme v Oxford City, 30/1/1915, slight creasing, the programme calls for recruits for footballers to join their comrades in the Army. Generally good£60 - £65Click for More
38 DULWICH - LONDON CALEDONIANS 1915 Four page Dulwich Hamlet home programme v London Caledonians, 27/3/1915, sadly a couple of Dulwich players had been killed in the War and the programme exhorted those who wanted the war to end soon to enlist at once.. Slight creasing. Fair-generally good£60 - £65Click for More
39 DULWICH - THORNYCROFTS 1919-CUP Single sheet Dulwich Hamlet home programme v Thornycrofts, 6/12/1919, FA Cup, fold, slight creasing. Fair-generally good£55 - £60Click for More
40 LONDON CHARITY CUP FINAL 1919 Single sheet Dulwich Hamlet programme v Nunhead, 13/12/1919, London Charity Cup Final, some creasing, slight marks. Fair-generally good£65 - £70Click for More
41 DULWICH - LEYTONSTONE 1920 Single sheet Dulwich Hamlet Reserves programme v Leytonstone, 31/1/1920, Isthmian Reserves League, minor folds. Fair-generally good£45 - £50Click for More
42 DULWICH - BARKING 1920 Single sheet Dulwich Hamlet home programme v Barking, 27/11/1920, London Charity Cup Semi-Final, folds, some creases, slight tears to edge. Fair-generally good£55 - £60Click for More
43 DULWICH - WOKING 1920 Single sheet Dulwich Hamlet home programme, Reserves v Woking Res, 18/12/1920, Isthmian League Reserves Section, minor folds. Fair-generally good£35 - £40Click for More
44 DULWICH - BROMLEY 1921 Single sheet Dulwich Hamlet home programme v Bromley, 8/1/1921, London Intermediate Cup Semi-Final, slight folds. Generally good£55 - £60Click for More
45 DULWICH - BARNET 1921 Single sheet Dulwich Hamlet home programme v Barnet, 5/2/1921, London Senior Cup 2nd replay, minor creasing. Fair-generally good£55 - £60Click for More
46 DULWICHN - WOKING 1921 Single sheet Dulwich Hamlet home programme v Woking, 20/4/1921, Isthmian League, team changes, slight folds. Generally good£55 - £60Click for More
47 DULWICH - CASUALS 1921 Single sheet Dulwich Hamlet home programme v Casuals, 28/4/1921, Isthmian League. Slight tears along folds. Fair-generally good£55 - £60Click for More
48 DULWICH - LEYTONSTONE 1921 Single sheet Dulwich Hamlet home programme v Leytonstone, 22/10/1921, Isthmian League, slight folds. Generally good£55 - £60Click for More
49 DULWICH - WIMBLEDON 1922 Single sheet Dulwich Hamlet home programme v Wimbledon, 2/9/1922, Isthmian League, slight fold. Generally good£150 - £160Click for More
50 DULWICH - CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY 1922 Single sheet Dulwich Hamlet home programme v Cambridge University, 26/10/1922, friendly. Slight folds, pencil numbers on reverse. Generally good£55 - £60Click for More
51 SWITZERLAND - SCOTLAND 57 Switzerland home programme v Scotland, 19/5/57 in Basel, World Cup Qualifier. Good£55 - £60Click for More
52 NEW BRIGHTON - ROTHERHAM 46-7 New Brighton home programme v Rotherham, 14/6/47, the season was extended due to a very bad winter which disrupted football for several months. Fold. Generally good£50 - £60Click for More
53 SOUTHPORT - ROTHERHAM 46-7 Southport home programme v Rotherham, 4/4/47, slight fold. Generally good£30 - £35Click for More
54 ROTHERHAM - ROCHDALE 47 Rotherham home programme v Rochdale, 7/6/47, slight fold. Generally good£28 - £30Click for More
55 ROTHERHAM - DONCASTER 46-7 Rotherham single sheet home programme v Doncaster, 17/5/47, the two teams were first and second in Third Division North, slight folds. Generally good£35 - £40Click for More
56 ROTHERHAM - BARROW 47 Rotherham home programme v Barrow, 24/5/47, slight folds. Generally good£28 - £30Click for More
57 ROTHERHAM - OLDHAM 47 Rotherham home programme v Oldham, 1/3/47, minor fold. Generally good£28 - £30Click for More
58 ROTHERHAM - LINCOLN 47 Rotherham home programme v Lincoln City, 10/5/47. fold. Generally good£28 - £30Click for More
59 ROTHERHAM - NEW BRIGHTON 47 Rotherham home programme v New Brighton, 12/4/47, slight creasing. Fair-generally good£35 - £40Click for More
60 ROTHERHAM - SOUTHPORT 47 Rotherham home programme v Southport, 7/4/47, folds. Fair-generally good£25 - £30Click for More
61 ROTHERHAM - CARLISLE 47 Rotherham home programme v Carlisle, 29/3/47, minor fold. Generally good£28 - £30Click for More
62 ARSENAL - BLACKPOOL TICKET 1937 Ticket, Arsenal v Blackpool, 27/12/1937, Staircase 4 ticket priced 4/-. Slight creasing. Generally good£45 - £50Click for More
63 BOLTON - EVERTON 45 Bolton home programme v Everton, 1/9/45, signed by Joe Mercer and Tommy Lawton, minor folds. Generally good £40 - £45Click for More
64 YORK CITY Collection of six programmes for York City games, single sheet Reserves programme at Mansfield 23/10/48, Lincoln v York 63/4 League Cup, York v Hartlepools 62/3, v Bradford PA 68/9, v Southport 77/8 and at Southport60/61. Minor faults. Generally good£40 - £45Click for More
65 SWITZERLAND - FRANCE 1932 Four page card issued by French Football Association for game v Switzerland in Berne, 20/3/1932, both teams listed plus referee Stanley Rous. Travel details for French team also provided. More an itinerary than a programme but not known if the Swiss actually issued a programme. Scarce item. Generally good£100 - £120Click for More
66 HUDDERSFIELD - YORK 1938 Huddersfield home programme v York City, 9/3/1938, Cup Sixth Round replay after a 0-0 draw at York. Huddersfield won the replay 2-1, tears along folds, some wear and ageing. Fair£90 - £100Click for More
67 ASTON VILLA IN DEUTSCHLAND 1938 Official programme for German Select v Aston Villa, 15/5/1938, thirty two page issue, surprisingly 10 of the German team were Austrian players the other coming from Bayern Munchen. Generally good£250 - £300Click for More
68 WARTIME FOOTBALL Small four page programme for game played at the Olympic Stadium, Berlin, 14/10/45, British Troops Berlin v French Troops Berlin, Although players had their Units printed alongside their names, several played for British teams including Ipswich, Manchester United, Burnley, Swindon and Barnsley. Creased. Fair-generally good£55 - £60Click for More
69 FIFA 1954 Several items relating to the fiftieth anniversary of FIFA in 1954. Formed in 1904, FIFA celebrated their 50th anniversary during the 1954 World Cup in Switzerland and four items relating to the Anniversary are in this Lot including an invitation to the 50th Anniversary Commemoration at Chateau de Spiez and to the official banquet in Interlaken, the menu for the banquet, a 46 page booklet relating to the celebrations and banquet plus a guide pamphlet to Spiez and an article about Lieut-Col Linnitt who represented the FA at the celebrations. Generally good£90 - £100Click for More
70 ARSENAL - BOLTON 1937-38 Arsenal home programme v Bolton, 7/5/1938, final game of the season and Arsenal were one point behind Wolves at the top of the table. Arsenal won 5-0 and Wolves lost 1-0 at Sunderland, thus Arsenal became Champions. Slight creasing. Generally good£45 - £50Click for More
71 ARSENAL - WEST BROM 1937-38 Arsenal home programme v West Brom, 13/11/1937, Arsenal Championship season , slight fold. Generally good£35 - £40Click for More
72 ARSENAL - MIDDLESBROUGH 1937-38 Arsenal home programme v Middlesbrough, 30/10/1937, fold, slight ageing. Fair-generally good£35 - £40Click for More
73 NEWCASTLE - JARROW 1899 Newcastle United "A" (Reserves) four page programme v Jarrow, 21/4/1899, slight ageing. Generally good£120 - £140Click for More
74 WARTIME - EXETER Four page programme, Southern Command v London District, 13/3/46 at Exeter City, players from many League teams including Tottenham, Chelsea, Fulham, QPR, Burnley, Leeds, Plymouth, Exeter and Everton. Folds. Generally good£50 - £55Click for More
75 SOUTHAMPTON - SHEF WED 1907 Southampton six page match card programme for FA Cup tie v Sheffield Wednesday, 2/2/1907. Southampton were in the Southern League but had already reached two Cup Finals this decade whilst Wednesday were a Division 1 team. Wednesday went through after a replay and went on to win the Cup defeating Everton in the Final. Good£800 - £900Click for More
76 1946 FA CUP FINAL Official programme 1946 Cup Final, Charlton v Derby, fold, no writing. Generally good£80 - £90Click for More
77 BOLTON - NORWICH 1934-35 Bolton home programme v Norwich, 13/4/1935, Bolton promotion season as they were promoted above West Ham on goal difference. Slight fold, minor spine splits, no writing. Fair-generally good£160 - £180Click for More
78 ABERDEEN IN SOUTH AFRICA 1937 Programme for Aberdeen v Natal 5/6/1937 in Durban, 32 page programme but the middle four pages with team lists seem to be missing and in their place are four pages from South Africa v Aberdeen played a fortnight later, 19/6/1937 in Durban. Slightly confusing but probably a mixture or hybrid. As described £35 - £40Click for More
79 ARSENAL 1950 Five privately taken photographs showing the match between Hendon and Arsenal played two days after Arsenal won the FA Cup in 1950. The photographs vary in size but are quite small although match action is shown and a large crowd saw Arsenal win 2-1 in the Mather Charity Cup. Both Comptons played in the game. Interesting collection. Good£40 - £50Click for More
80 TICKET-DENIS COMPTON- ARSENAL-CHELSEA Handwritten letter from Denis Compton to a lady fan of his enclosing a ticket for the Cup Semi-Final at Tottenham, 18/3/1950 between Arsenal and Chelsea. The ticket is part of the Lot and is a seat ticket for Block J of the East Stand. The letter is handwritten and signed "God Bless Denis" and comes with the envelope. The ticket is in generally good condition. Generally good£80 - £100Click for More
81 SEMI-FINAL TICKET 1950 Match ticket for FA Cup Semi-Final Replay, Chelsea v Arsenal, 22/3/50 at White Hart Lane. West Stand seat. The ticket comes with an envelope on which the words "To be called for Margaret Whitworth" are written in Denis Comptons hand and the ticket was probably one of his personal match allocation. Margaret Whitworth was a big fan of Compton and he often left tickets for her for Arsenal games. The ticket is in good condition. Good£80 - £100Click for More
82 ARSENAL TICKETS 1950 Three match tickets for Arsenal games all left for collection by Denis Compton for a fan of his, home game v Derby County 18/2/50 reserved West Stand seat, Combination Cup game v Brighton 4/2/50 (East Stand) and a complimentary ticket for the Grand Stand, Charlton v Arsenal 11/3/50. Good£80 - £90Click for More
83 ARSENAL 49-50 Postcard sized Arsenal team group 1949-50 with players named beneath , left in an envelope with "Margaret" typed on the front. The envelope probably also contained a match ticket for a game as Denis Compton regularly left match tickets for this lady fan of his. Slight scuffs to rear corners. Generally good£25 - £30Click for More
84 TICKET ARSENAL 1950 Match ticket for Arsenal v Burnley 11/2/50, FA Cup, West Stand reserved seat plus an envelope with collection details written by Denis Compton and a typewritten letter to Denis from a lady fan of his suggesting that Denis doing his best would be quite sufficient to defeat Burnley. Arsenal won the Cup this season. Good£50 - £55Click for More
85 ARSENAL - BOLTON 1950 Collection of items relating to Arsenal v Bolton, 21/1/50, previously the property of a huge fan of Arsenal and Denis Compton in particular. The items include two letters to Arsenal from the lady fan, a reply on Arsenal letter heading signed by Tom Whittaker, a programme for the game and eight privately taken photographs of the game showing scenes from the game, various sizes but quite small. A couple of match cuttings are also included. Generally good£80 - £90Click for More
86 D.COMPTON SCRAPBOOK Scrapbook from the 1949-50 compiled by a fan of Arsenal and her hero was Denis Compton. Significant coverage of the Arsenal FA Cup triumph of 1949-50 including newspaper cuttings with match reports and pictures plus a few privately taken small photographs including a couple taken at Arsenal v Portsmouth a few days after the Wembley Final. Generally good£45 - £50Click for More
87  BOSTON UNITED Six Boston United home programmes, 47/8 v Shrewsbury and Reserves v Stamford, 48/9 v Ransome and Marles, 53/4 v Bradford Park Avenue Reserves, 55/6 v York Reserves and a match v Peterborough watched by 9,626. Most are Midland League, a couple have staple rusting, some team changes. Fair-generally good£40 - £50Click for More
88 RUGBY 1935 Wales home programme v Scotland, 2/2/1935, at Cardiff Arms Park, Wales won 10-6. Cleaned. Good£55 - £60Click for More
89 1980 TOYOTA CUP Official programme for World Club Championship , Nottingham Forest v Nacional Montevideo , 11/2/1980 played in Tokyo and known as the Toyota Cup. Also included is a four page flyer for the game which lists both teams and is printed in English. The official programme has 36 pages. Both are in good condition. Good£75 - £80Click for More
90 BLACKBURN - MAN UTD 61-2 Blackburn home programme, v Manchester United 23/12/1961, the match was postponed and played in April. Someone has entered the score , 2-2 on the team page which is rather strange because the game was postponed , not abandoned, and the score in April was 3-0 to Rovers. Generally good£55 - £60Click for More
91 1920 CUP FINAL Official programme, 1920 Cup Final, Aston Villa v Huddersfield, 24/4/1920 at Stamford Bridge, Chelsea, probably cleaned, slight fold, no writing, slight staple rusting and overall in generally good-good condition. Generally good-good£1200 - £1300Click for More
92 1921 CUP FINAL Official programme, 1921 Cup Final, Tottenham v Wolves, at Stamford Bridge, Chelsea, score on team page (very neat), slight fold, minor staple rusting, slight marks on one page. Condition in our opinion is quite good. Fair-generally good£1100 - £1200Click for More
93 1922 CUP FINAL Official programme, 1922 Cup Final, Preston v Huddersfield, at Stamford Bridge, Chelsea, eight page issue, slight fold and minor staple rusting, no writing. Generally good£1000 - £1100Click for More
94 1923 CUP FINAL Official programme, 1923 Cup Final, Bolton v West Ham at Wembley, minor staple rusting otherwise good. Generally good-good£730 - £750Click for More
95 1924 CUP FINAL Official programme, 1924 Cup Final, Newcastle v Aston Villa, minus colour wrap-around covers but otherwise complete and in fair -generally good condition . Replacement covers can be obtained to complete the programme. 24 pages , scorer noted, slight ageing and small paper replacement to top edge. As described £700 - £750Click for More
96 1925 CUP FINAL Official programme, 1925 Cup Final, Cardiff v Sheffield United, pencil changes noted, slight staple rusting. Generally good£580 - £600Click for More
97 1926 CUP FINAL Official programme, 1926 Cup Final, Bolton v Manchester City, slight staple rusting, minor damage to corner of cover (insignificant) no writing. Generally good£550 - £580Click for More
98 1925 CUP FINAL Unusual souvenir programme for the 1925 Cup Final Sheffield United v Cardiff, eight page programme plus four page covers, published in Cardiff and includes team photos of both teams, team line-ups, referee and linesmen , how they got there and numerous adverts from the Cardiff area plus editorial. Folds. Fair-generally good£230 - £250Click for More
99 1927 CUP FINAL Official programme, 1927 Cup Final, Cardiff v Arsenal, creased, some minor repairs. Fair£440 - £460Click for More
100 1928 CUP FINAL Official programme , 1928 Cup Final, Blackburn v Huddersfield, minor spine repairs to small tears, no writing. Fair£240 - £260Click for More

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