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1 DULWICH - WEST NORWOOD 1913 Dulwich Hamlet single sheet programme v West Norwood, 1/3/1913, Isthmian League, slight creasing, minor stain (insignificant). Fair-generally good£65 - £70Click for More
2 DULWICH - ARMY SERVICES CORPS 1914 Dulwich Hamlet single sheet programme v Army Service Corps, 17/1/1914, Amateur Cup, slight tears to edge, minor folds. Fair£65 - £70Click for More
3 DULWICH - WEST NORWOOD 1914 Dulwich Hamlet single sheet programme v West Norwood, 7/2/1914, London Senior Cup, small piece off top right corner, slight tears. Fair£55 - £60Click for More
4 DULWICH - CATFORD SOUTHEND 1914 Dulwich Hamlet four page programme, v Catford Southend, 24/10/1914, minor folds and creases. Fair£55 - £60Click for More
5 DULWICH - WEST NORWOOD 1920 Dulwich Hamlet single sheet programme v West Norwood, 10/1/1920, London Amateur Cup, folds. Fair-generally good£55 - £60Click for More
6 DULWICH - CASUALS 1921 Dulwich Hamlet single sheet programme v Casuals, 28/4/1921, Isthmian League, slight folds. Fair-generally good£55 - £60Click for More
7 DULWICH - OXFORD CITY 1921 Dulwich Hamlet single sheet programme v Oxford City, 19/11/1921, Isthmian League, minor folds. Fair-generally good£55 - £60Click for More
8 DULWICH - ST ALBANS CITY 1922 Dulwich Hamlet single sheet programme v St Albans City, 18/2/1922, Amateur Cup replay, slight wear along folds, minor tears. Fair£50 - £55Click for More
9 DULWICH - WIMBLEDON 1922 Dulwich Hamlet single sheet programme v Wimbledon, 6/4/1922, Isthmian League, slight fold. Generally good£90 - £100Click for More
10 DULWICH - WYCOMBE WANDERERS 1922 Dulwich Hamlet single sheet programme v Wycombe Wanderers, 8/4/1922, Isthmian League minor creases. Fair-generally good£55 - £60Click for More
11 DULWICH - WIMBLEDON 1922 Dulwich Hamlet single sheet programme v Wimbledon, 2/9/1922, Isthmian League, slight folds, minor tear. Fair-generally good£90 - £100Click for More
12 DULWICH - WIMBLEDON 1923 Dulwich Hamlet single sheet programme v Wimbledon, 6/1/1923, London Senior Cup, slight fold. Generally good£90 - £100Click for More
13 DULWICH - BOTWELL MISSION 1924 Dulwich Hamlet single sheet programme v Botwell Mission , 23/2/1924. Botwell changed their name to Hayes a few years later. Fold, creased at bottom edge. Fair-generally good£50 - £55Click for More
14 DULWICH - WIMBLEDON 1924 Dulwich Hamlet single sheet programme v Wimbledon, 29/3/1924, Isthmian League, folds, slight creasing , very small piece off bottom corner (print unaffected). Fair-generally good£90 - £100Click for More
15 DULWICH - WIMBLEDON 1924 Dulwich Hamlet single sheet programme v Wimbledon, 11/9/1924, Isthmian League, minor folds. Generally good£90 - £100Click for More
16 DULWICH - WIMBLEDON 1927 Dulwich Hamlet Reserves four page programme v Wimbledon Reserves, 23/4/1927, slight folds. Fair-generally good£50 - £60Click for More
17 NUNHEAD - DULWICH 1914 Nunhead single sheet home programme v Dulwich Hamlet, 26/9/1914, Isthmian League, tears along folds. Fair£55 - £60Click for More
18 BROMLEY - CLAPTON 1915 Four page Dulwich Hamlet programme for Bromley v Clapton, 3/4/1915, Cup Semi-Final although we do not know which Cup although it is not the London Charity Cup. Slight folds, minor creasing. Fair-generally good£65 - £70Click for More
19 FINCHLEY 1921 Single sheet Finchley programme v Her Majesty's Stationery Office Press (Harrow), 8/10/1921, London Senior Amateur Cup, folds. Fair-generally good£45 - £50Click for More
20 SURREY - LONDON 1921 Single sheet Dulwich Hamlet programme for match Surrey Juniors v London Juniors, 10/11/21 at Champion Hill. Slight folds. Generally good£35 - £40Click for More
21 SOUTHALL - DULWICH 1924 Four page Southall home programme v Dulwich Hamlet, 15/11/1924, FA Cup, tears to edges, ageing and some creasing. Only fair£35 - £40Click for More
22 DULWICH - WYCOMBE 1939 Dulwich Hamlet six page gatefold home programme v Wycombe Wanderers, 18/3/1939, Isthmian League. Slight fold. Generally good£30 - £35Click for More
23 ARSENAL PRESS PHOTOGRAPHS Sixty five different Press photographs 1970's - 1990's, 42 black & white and 23 colour. Various sizes and include action shots plus Dennis Bergkamp receiving an award from Peter Hill-Wood, Lee Dixon holding the Championship trophy at Anfield 89, David Rocastle combing Kevin Campbell's hair, Nialll Quinn sitting on a tractor, Terry Neill and Clive Allen in the marble hall, Sammy Nelson with the FA Cup on his head at the Islington parade, Brian Talbot in the treatment room, Ian Wright on the microphone at the Supporters Club dinner, Bertie Mee and Terry Neill sitting together and Paul Vaessen in training. Good£130 - £150Click for More
24 ARSENAL PRESS PHOTOGRAPHS Sixty four different Press photographs 1970's - 1990's, 45 black & white and 19 colour. Various sizes and include action shots plus an Arsenal crowd scene at the 1998 FA Cup Final, George Graham presenting Glenn Helder with an Arsenal shirt, Dennis Bergkamp and Nigel Winterburn signing a magazine, Tony Adams reading the Islington Gazette, Steve Bould holding the Makita Trophy at Wembley, Niall Quinn shovelling sand, Terry Neill holding the arm of Clive Allen, Brian Talbot holding the FA Cup, Kenny Samson holding a broom of twigs and Ainsworth AFC being presented with a trophy alongside Pat Rice. Good£130 - £150Click for More
25 1947 ENGLAND v FRANCE England v France (Friendly) played 3 May 1947 at Highbury Stadium. Match ticket (Reserved Seat West Stand) together with French travel itinerary by L'Equipe, Metropolitain (Paris) travel ticket and signed travel confirmation letter from the French sports newspaper L'Equipe. Generally good£70 - £75Click for More
26 1949 FRANCE v ENGLAND - TICKET France v England (Friendly) played 22 May 1949 at the Stade de Colombes, Paris. Original match ticket. Generally good£60 - £70Click for More
27 1950 ENGLAND English Internationals (England) v Ontario All-Stars Friendly played 24 May 1950 at Municipal Sports Stadium, Toronto, Canada. 8-page official programme. The FA sent a strong England side to tour Canada which included Stanley Matthews and Nat Lofthouse in preparation for the forthcoming FIFA World Cup in Brazil. Light fold Generally good£130 - £140Click for More
28 1953 USA v ENGLAND United States (USA) v England Friendly played 7 June 1953 at the Yankee Stadium, New York as part of the Queen Elizabeth II Coronation Celebrations. Rare 12-page official programme. England won 6-3 with just a low crowd of just over 7000 spectators in attendance. Good£700 - £750Click for More
29 MANCHESTER UTD v TOTTENHAM 1952 Manchester United v Tottenham Hotspurs Friendly played 14 June 1952 at Varsity Stadium, Toronto, Canada. Rare 8-page official programme. Light folds Good£800 - £850Click for More
30 1954 FIFA WORLD CUP. 32-page Italian FIFA World Cup tournament preview published in Milan and released a couple of days before the start of the World Cup just over the border in Switzerland. Titled ''Tutto Sui Mondiali di Calcio'' and includes colour covers with the flags of the competing nations, history of the previous FIFA World Cup's, introductions to the competing nations with team group pictures, player pictures, lists of the squads, full tournament fixture tables and previews etc. Generally good£55 - £60Click for More
31 1963 INTERCONTINENTAL CUP - TICKET AC Milan v Santos (1st Leg) played 16 October 1963 at the San Siro, Milan. Scarce original match ticket for the first leg. Milan won the game 4-2 with both Santos' goals scored by Pele. Good£440 - £460Click for More
32 BRAZIL v ENGLAND 1964 Brazil v England Friendly played 30 May 1964 at the Maracana, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Very scarce 4-page Press/VIP programme. No programme was produced for the general public for this match and this example was produced for the press and dignitaries only and is designated 'internal'. Horizontal crease, neat scores Good£1800 - £1900Click for More
33 1964 EUROPEAN CUP - TICKET Anderlecht v Liverpool played 16 December 1964 at Heysel Stadium, Brussels. Scarce unused match ticket. This was Liverpool's second away match in Europe. Generally good£190 - £200Click for More
34 1966 FAIRS CUP FINAL Barcelona v Real Zaragoza (1st Leg) played 14 September 1966 at the Nou Camp, Barcelona. Scarce 24-page official programme. Light vertical fold. Good£450 - £460Click for More
35 1966 WORLD CUP FINAL England v West Germany. Rare official Press Pass issued for the Final consisting of ticket stapled inside 4-page ''World Cup Organisation official pass'' issued by the Football Association. Generally good£190 - £200Click for More
36 1968 EUROPEAN CUP Saint-Etienne v Glasgow Celtic played 18 September 1968 at the Stade Geoffrey-Guichard, Saint-Etienne. Rare official programme (Sport Actualies Numero Special). Generally good£140 - £150Click for More
37 1969 EUROPEAN CUP - TICKET AC Milan v Glasgow Celtic played 19 February 1969 at the San Siro, Milan. Original match ticket. AC Milan beat Ajax 4-1 in the Final. Generally good£75 - £80Click for More
38 1969 INTERCONTINENTAL CUP - TICKET AC Milan v Estudiantes de la Plata (1st Leg) played 8 October 1969 at the San Siro, Milan. Rare original match ticket. Generally good£340 - £360Click for More
39 1973 UEFA CUP - TICKET Dynamo Dresden v Liverpool played 21 March 1973 at Dynamo Stadion, Dresden. Unused original terrace match ticket. Generally good£70 - £75Click for More
40 1974 ECWC - TICKET Stromsgodset v Liverpool played 1 October 1974 at Ullevaal Stadion. Rare original match ticket for the South Stand. Generally good£95 - £100Click for More
41 WORLD CUP 54 Programme, World Cup 54, Switzerland v Austria, 26/6/54 in Lausanne, World Cup Quarter Final, no staple, name on cover, slight erosion to corner edge. Generally good£75 - £80Click for More
42 BARNSLEY 48-49 Twenty one Barnsley home programmes, all 48/9, 19 x League plus Cup v Blackpool and Sheffield County Cup v Doncaster. League games include games v Leeds, West Ham, Bradford PA, Fulham, Leicester, West Brom, Luton etc. Some folds, creases. Fair-generally good£160 - £180Click for More
43 BARROW Three Barrow home programmes, v Tranmere 47/8 (two ink blots on cover), v Hull 48/9 (score, scorers on cover) and v Chester 48/9 (season noted on cover). Fair-generally good£28 - £30Click for More
44 BRADFORD PA - BURNLEY 38-39 Bradford Park Avenue home programme v Burnley 5/11/1938, staples removed, slight ageing. Fair-generally good£100 - £110Click for More
45 TOTTENHAM - BRADFORD PA 37-38 Tottenham home programme v Bradford Park Avenue, 9/4/1938, h-t scores noted, slight tears to edge and along fold. Fair-generally good£35 - £40Click for More
46 CARDIFF- CRYSTAL PALACE 38-39 Cardiff City home programme v Crystal Palace, 25/3/1939, punch-holes (minor print affected), score noted. Fair-generally good£70 - £75Click for More
47 CHESTER - DARLINGTON 38-39 Chester home programme v Darlington, 22/4/1939, slight ageing to cover edges, minor fold. Generally good£80 - £85Click for More
48 HALIFAX - CHESTER 32-33 Halifax Town home programme v Chester, 29/10/1932, slight creases. Generally good£120 - £130Click for More
49 HALIFAX - ROCHDALE 37-38 Halifax Town home programme v Rochdale, 13/9/1937, staple removed. Generally good£110 - £120Click for More
50 HALIFAX - SOUTHPORT 37-38 Halifax Town home programme v Southport, 27/12/1937, minor fold. Generally good£110 - £120Click for More
51 HALIFAX - NORTHAMPTON 1924 AT SHEF UTD Four page Sheffield United programme, Halifax v Northampton , 21/1/1924 at Bramall Lane, FA Cup second replay. Ex bound volume, nicks to spine. Generally good£110 - £120Click for More
52 NEW BRIGHTON - BARROW 38-39 New Brighton home programme v Barrow, 11/2/1939, slight creasing, team page slightly grubby. Fair-generally good£90 - £95Click for More
53 NEW BRIGHTON 46-7 New Brighton home programme v Hartlepools United, 9/11/46, four page issue, very slight stains (inconsequential). Generally good£45 - £50Click for More
54 NEW BRIGHTON 50-51 New Brighton home programme from their final season in the Football League, 50-51, v Hartlepools 26/8/50, and ironically New Brighton completed a third win of the season to have a one hundred per cent win record at that stage. Eight page issue, some creasing and scuff to bottom corner of back cover. Fair£45 - £50Click for More
55 SWINDON - MANSFIELD 38-39 Swindon Town home programme v Mansfield, 22/10/1938. Generally good£90 - £95Click for More
56 AYLESBURY UNITED 46-7 Six Aylesbury United home programmes, 46/7, v Tufnell Park (friendly), Spartan League games v Chesham United, Bishops Stortford, Hertford Town, FA Cup v Morris Motors and Amateur Cup v Hounslow. All have had punch-holes repaired, some creasing, tears etc. Fair£45 - £50Click for More
57 AYLESBURY UTD - HEADINGTON 46 CUP Aylesbury United home programme v Headington United, 5/10/46, FA Cup Qualifying Round. Headington United changed their name to Oxford United in 1960 but at this stage they were an amateur team playing in the Oxfordshire County League. Four page programme, punch-holes repaired, slight marks. Fair£230 - £250Click for More
58 AYLESBURY UTD 47-8 Eight Aylesbury United home programmes, 47/8, v Lyons Club, Wolverton, Briggs Sports and Met Police (grubby), all Spartan League, friendly v Tufnell Park , Berks and Bucks Senior Cup games v Newbury Town and Windsor & Eton plus Amateur Cup v Henley Town. All have punch-holes repaired, some creasing, folds etc. Fair£50 - £55Click for More
59 AYLESBURY UTD 48-9 Three Aylesbury United home programmes, 48/9 v Briggs Sports, Metropolitan Police and Brentwood & Warley, all Spartan League, all have punch-holes repaired, folds, creases and some marks. Fair£18 - £20Click for More
60 AYLESBURY UNITED Four programmes, Aylesbury v Pegasus 19/12/59, score on cover, v Watford 24/11/51 FA Cup First Round Proper, Aylesbury v Wycombe Wanderers 28/2/59 at Chesham (Berks and Bucks Semi-Final replay and programme for game at Aylesbury , Berks and Bucks FA v Essex FA, 3/4/48 , FA County Youth Semi-Final (punch-holes). Some faults , usually minor. Fair-generally good£22 - £25Click for More
61 LEICESTER CITY - MAN CITY 1939 Very scarce 1939-40 truncated season programme, Leicester City v Manchester City, 26/8/1939, slight fold, minor creasing. Fair-generally good£230 - £250Click for More
62 NUNHEAD FC 1927 Nunhead tour itinerary for the Easter tour to Germany 1927 issued to goalkeeper Eric Mulley. Six page gatefold itinerary. Good£30 - £40Click for More
63 NUNHEAD FC 1928 Nunhead FC tour itinerary for the 1928 Easter tour to Luxembourg , issued to goalkeeper Eric Mulley. Six page gatefold card. Slight spine split. Generally good£30 - £35Click for More
64 NUNHEAD 1936 and 1937 Two Nunhead FC Easter tour itineraries, 1936 and 1937, both formerly the property of goalkeeper Eric Mulley. The 1936 tour was to Dieppe and Fecamp, France and 1937 was to Dieppe. Good£40 - £50Click for More
65 C.A. SPORA 1928 Official programme for the 1928 Coupe des 3 Nations played in Luxembourg with Nunhead representing England, Sport Club Freiburg representing Germany, C.A.Spora and C.S.Fola representing Luxembourg. Played April 1928. Formerly the property of Nunhead keeper Eric Mulley. Good£60 - £70Click for More
66 C.A.SPORA 1930 Official programme for the 1930 Coupe des 3 Nations played in Luxembourg with Nunhead representing England, Mannheim-Neckarau representing Germany and C.A.Spora and Le Stade Dudelange representing Luxembourg. Played Easter 1930. 24 pages, formerly the property of Nunhead goalkeeper Eric Mulley. Slight creasing , minor damp damage. Fair-generally good£45 - £50Click for More
67 NUNHEAD FC Two tour itineraries to Luxembourg issued to Nunhead goalkeeper Eric Mulley, Whitsun 1932 and Easter 1930. Generally good£45 - £50Click for More
68 NUNHEAD Poster for the Fifth Coupe des 3 Nations advertising the Finals of the 1928 Tournament, Grand Final, Nunhead v Sport-Club Freiburg and Consolation Final, Fola Esch v Spora Luxembourg, team photos of Nunhead and Freiburg. Measures circa 12" x 8". Fold. Fair-generally good£30 - £35Click for More
69 1928 LUXEMBOURG Newspaper style single sheet programme, in German, covering the Coupe des 3 Nations 1928 in Spora, Luxembourg, all four line-ups for the competing teams including Nunhead (England). Folds. Generally good£35 - £40Click for More
70 NUNHEAD FC Two Dinner Menus from Nunhead FC to commemorate Nunhead winning the Isthmian League Championship in 1929 and again in 1930. The 1929 menu has 12 signatures inside. The Dinners were held at the Grafton Hall, Tottenham Court Road 24/5/1929 and at the Pavilion, Nunhead FC ground on 30/5/1930. Generally good£45 - £50Click for More
71 NUNHEAD FC Five Dinner Menus relating to Nunhead, Two are for Dinners held at the House of Commons, 29/7/1930 to celebrate Nunhead winning the Isthmian League and reaching the Final of the Surrey County Cup and 8/6/1931, both hosted by Mr and Mrs John Beckett. Some signatures in the 1930 menu, , the others are for two Nunhead FC Annual Dinner and Dances 5/2/1936 and 7/1/1939 and Nunhead Bowling Club Dinner and Dance 18/2/1939. All were the property of Nunhead goalkeeper Eric Mulley. Generally good£55 - £60Click for More
72 NUNHEAD FC A handwritten letter from Nunhead Club Secretary Bill Hill on Nunhead FC letterheading , dated 20/1/1931, to goalkeeper Eric Mulley , informing him that the club wished to purchase a wedding present for him to the value of 12 guineas. Also enclosed is a Nunhead Supporters Association membership card and rules, fixtures etc for 1933-34, a copy of the Nunhead Supporter magazine October 1932 and a Nunhead FC fixture list with scores completed 1927-28. All these items were previously the property of Nunhead goalkeeper Eric Mulley. Generally good£50 - £Click for More
73 GOODBYE NUNHEAD A letter from the FA to Eric Mulley dated 18th May 1949 notifying him of a proposal by the FA to withdraw the Membership of the FA from Nunhead Football Club and asking him to confirm agreement to this action. A copy of his response dated 31st May 1949 is also included. The FA letter has been signed by Stanley Rous although it may be a "stamp signature". Generally good£35 - £40Click for More
74 ERIC MULLEY - CAPS Three caps awarded to Eric Mulley, goalkeeper of Nunhead FC late 1920s-1930s, one cap is London FA 1937-38, a second cap is Surrey County FA 1930-31 and the third cap is a maroon cap with a green cross throughout with a yellow stripe through the green cross. Almost certainly a London area team , the cap was made by Moss Bros. The London FA cap is white and the Surrey County FA cap is also maroon . Both caps have the County crest above the peak. Generally good£120 - £130Click for More
75 NUNHEAD Two large Nunhead FC mounted team group photographs 1928-29, Nunhead FC first team and Nunhead FC Reserves team. Players are named beneath. Fair-generally good£30 - £35Click for More
76 NUNHEAD Four Nunhead team group photographs, three are mounted, 1927-28, 1930 and 1933-34, and a 7 x 5 photograph dated February 1935. All were the personal property of goalkeeper Eric Mulley Generally good£65 - £70Click for More
77 NUNHEAD Two large press photographs showing firemen and others sifting through the charred remains of the burnt out Nunhead FC clubhouse January 1936, both are Associated Press photographs. Generally good£35 - £40Click for More
78 NUNHEAD FC Three photographs , two from a Nunhead tour of Luxembourg, possibly 1930 Coupe des 3 Nations in which Nunhead represented England. Two mounted photographs, one shows Nunhead entering the field of play, a smaller photograph shows a cup presentation. The third photograph (mounted) shows spectators in a stand and is possibly at Nunhead. Fair-generally good£35 - £40Click for More
79 ARSENAL - NUNHEAD 1935 Nine inch x seven inch Press photograph showing match action from Arsenal v Nunhead 21/10/1935 at Highbury, London Challenge Cup, match action showing Roger (Arsenal) and a Nunhead player fighting for the ball. Topical Press Agency photograph, one corner damaged but does not affect the content. Caption on reverse. Fair£25 - £30Click for More
80 ERIC MULLEY Two mounted photographs of Nunhead goalkeeper Eric Mulley, both show him in his England Amateur International shirt and one shows him wearing his England cap. Photographs have 1936 noted. Generally good£30 - £35Click for More
81 TEAM PHOTOS Five team group photographs, three mounted plus a photograph of the London team v Brussels (9 x 7" ) 1936. The mounted team groups are Lanvanor FC 1925-26 (winners Lewisham Junior Challenge Cup), London FA Seniors 1929-30 and one other not known plus unmounted FA XI 1930 v Army at Folkestone .Fair-generally good£45 - £50Click for More
82 NUNHEAD MISCELLANY Mounted match action photograph at Nunhead (1930s) , a small photograph showing Mulley making a save for Nunhead, a number of newspaper cuttings relating to Mulley (Nunhead goalkeeper) including match reports, pictures etc, and a mounted photograph of Mulley (mount damaged at top left corner but photo intact. Fair-generally good£22 - £25Click for More
83 PEGASUS Collection of Pegasus items, the club formed by Oxford and Cambridge University old boys, who were a leading Amateur club of the late 40s and 50s. Comprises a Pegasus tie, Pegasus fixture list 1952-53 (scores completed) and a 1950 magazine article about the history of Pegasus and a team group picture of Pegasus is included in the article. Fair-generally good£30 - £35Click for More
84 OXFORD UNIVERSITY Two Oxford University FC matchcards , v Amateur Football Alliance 17/10/46 and v United Hospitals 29/1/48. Generally good£35 - £40Click for More
85 SURREY COUNTY FA Four Surrey County FA Dinner menus, Council Dinners 1934, 1938 and 1939 and the 75th Anniversary Celebration Dinner 24/3/54. Stanley Rous attended three of the Dinners. Good£45 - £50Click for More
86 LONDON FA 1938 London Football Association Council Dinner Menu, 31/3/1938, slight ageing. Generally good£22 - £25Click for More
87 MENUS Two Dinner menus, St Lukes College AFC, Exeter, Annual Dinners, 1975-6 and 1976-7 , both attended by FA VIPs including Stanley Rous and a scarce third item for a Souvenir of the Inaugural meeting of the International Sports Fellowship held 9/1/43 in Regent Street, London. List of members included including Charles Buchan, Stanley Rous, George Allison, Raymond Glendenning, Jack Hobbs, Patsy Hendren and several overseas members of this newly formed group who intended to promote International friendship through sport. generally good£25 - £30Click for More
88 UXBRIDGE FC Early 1890s Uxbridge FC team group, mounted on board and measures 38cm x 30cm in total with the photograph by Glanville Lauren of Uxbridge measuring 24cm x 19cm. Slight ageing and minor damage to board. Fair-generally good£25 - £30Click for More
89 UXBRIDGE FC Large Uxbridge FC team group, mounted on board, 45cm x 37cm, late 1910s, early 1920s., Wards Studio, Uxbridge, photo measures 27cm x 23cm. Board damaged in left corner, photograph is generally good. Fair-generally good£25 - £30Click for More
90 UXBRIDGE 1880s Team group which may be either Uxbridge FC or Uxbridge Caxtonians, 1880s. Photograph in card frame measures 18cm x 13cm. Complete item measures 35cm x 28cm. Slight ageing. Generally good£25 - £30Click for More
91 MANCHESTER UNITED - MAN CITY 1936 Manchester United home programme v Manchester City, 12/9/1936, first City Championship season, a rare defeat for City who lost 3-2. Rusty staples removed, folds, minor creases but no writing. Fair-generally good£360 - £380Click for More
92 MANCHESTER CITY - ACCRINGTON STANLEY 1937 Manchester City home programme v Accrington Stanley, 30/1/1937, FA Cup. City won 2-0. Rusty staples, no writing. Generally good£90 - £100Click for More
93 MANCHESTER CITY - ARSENAL 1936-37 Manchester City home programme v Arsenal, 10/4/1937, City were one point behind Arsenal at the time at the top of Division 1 and had a game in hand. City won the game 2-0 in front of 76,000 at Maine Road and went on to win their title for the first time. Unfortunately the programme is missing the back cover but all other pages are intact, rusty staple. As described£45 - £50Click for More
94 BLACKPOOL - MAN UTD 45 Blackpool home programme v Man Utd, 2/4/45, folds, team changes, slight tears to edge. Fair£90 - £100Click for More
95 BLACKBURN - MAN UTD 46 Blackburn Rovers home programme v Man Utd, 14/12/46, slight creasing, no staple, score noted. Generally good£210 - £220Click for More
96 BLACKBURN - MAN UTD 47-8 Blackburn Rovers home programme v Manchester United, 13/12/47. Cover slightly discoloured. Generally good£130 - £140Click for More
97 MIDDLESBROUGH - MAN UTD 48 Middlesbrough home programme v Manchester United, 27/11/48, slight folds, score noted. Generally good£210 - £220Click for More
98 HUDDERSFIELD - MAN UTD 47-48 Huddersfield home programme v Manchester United, 27/3/48, slight fold, minor tear to edge of back cover, changes noted. Fair-generally good£75 - £80Click for More
99 EVERTON - MAN UTD 57 Scarce Everton home programme v Manchester United, 4/9/57, slight fold, minor spine split. Fair-generally good£65 - £70Click for More
100 WORLD CUP 1938 Exceedingly scarce official programme, Brazil v Czechoslovakia, 14/6/1938 in Bordeaux. Very few match programmes from the early World Cups exist but this is an official programme for the quarter final replay between the two countries. The first game was played two days earlier and was known as the Battle of Bordeaux with three players being sent off and numerous injuries including a broken arm sustained by the Czech keeper who actually played on and a broken leg. The replay , two days later , was played with both sides having several reserves playing and Brazil won 2-1 before losing to eventual winners Italy in the Semi-Final. The programme has a stiffened card cover and inside is a six page gatefold programme with the teams being listed in formation on a field of play with referee and linesmen in appropriate positions, colours are noted and other pages show the results of previous World Cups and results to date of the 1938 Tournament played inn France. The back cover has a large advert for Electro-Lux and the back cover has suffered minor paper loss and some scuffs due to having been laid down, the front cover is in generally good condition and the inside gatefold pages are in good condition. A very rare item for collectors of World Cup memorabilia. As described£1900 - £2000Click for More

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