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Sale Day: 08/09/2017

Sale results will be uploaded periodically throughout the sale (Internet connection and workload permitting). 

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LotLateDescriptionSale Price
1 YORK CITY - HULL CITY 1936 York City home programme, Wednesday 16/9/1936, v Hull City, Northern Section Cup, minor creases, very minor repairs, slightly grubby. Fair-generally good£190.00
2 YORK CITY - HULL CITY 1939 York City home programme v Hull City, 18/3/1939, slight fold. Good£190.00
3 SOUTHAMPTON - HULL 1922 Southampton home programme v Hull City, 26/12/1922, eight page issue, pencil scores noted. Generally good£220.00
4 HULL - DONCASTER 1938 Hull City home programme v Doncaster, 2/4/1938, staple removed. Good£150.00
5 MANCHESTER CITY - HULL 1929-30 Manchester City home programme v Hull City, 15/2/1930, Cup 5th Round. Manchester City , having defeated Swindon 10-1 in the previous round, managed to lose at home to Hull City. Staples removed, minor fold. Generally good£160.00
6 WEST HAM - ASTON VILLA 1929 West Ham home programme v Aston Villa, 21/12/1929, minor fold, small piece worn off corner of cover, minor tears to edge, no writing. Fair-generally good£240.00
7 WEST BROM - BOLTON 1925 West Brom home programme v Bolton, 2/5/1925, final League game of the season in which Albion finished runners up by two points to Huddersfield whilst Bolton finished third , a point behind Albion. This match ended in a draw. Season noted on top edge of cover otherwise good. Generally good£100.00
8 STOCKPORT - BARROW 1935 Stockport County home programme v Barrow, 2/3/1935, slight creasing but no writing.. Generally good£0.00
9 NEWCASTLE - SHEF UTD 38-39 Newcastle home programme v Sheffield Utd, 31/12/1938, slight marks, minor fold, h-t scores, staple removed. Fair-generally good£100.00
10 NEWCASTLE - CHESTERFIELD 38-39 Newcastle home programme v Chesterfield, 2/1/1939, Monday game, folds, slight creasing, pencil h-t scores. Fair-generally good£85.00
11 NEWCASTLE - PRESTON CUP 1938-39 Newcastle home programme v Preston, 11/2/1939, Cup, fold, slight creasing. Fair-generally good£100.00
12 NEWCASTLE - MANCHESTER CITY 38-39 Newcastle home programme v Man City, 8/4/1939, fold, rusty staple removed, pencil h-t scores. Fair-generally good£90.00
13 COVENTRY - NEWCASTLE 38-39 Coventry home programme v Newcastle, 1/10/1938, staple removed, pencil h-t scores. Generally good£100.00
14 BURY-NEWCASTLE 38-39 Bury home programme v Newcastle, 15/4/1939, ex bound volume with reprint cover from that season. Fair-generally good£0.00
15 FULHAM - NEWCASTLE 38-39 Fulham home programme v Newcastle, 18/3/1939, slight creasing, staples removed. Fair-generally good£25.00
16 MANCHESTER CITY - NEWCASTLE 38-39 Man City home programme v Newcastle, 3/12/1938, tear around staple area, cover marks to edges, fold, slightly grubby. Fair£60.00
17 NOTTM FOREST-NEWCASTLE 38-39 Nottingham Forest home programme v Newcastle, 15/1/1939, Wednesday afternoon game, slight tape marks on inside cover spine, no writing. Fair-generally good£150.00
18 WEST HAM- NEWCASTLE 1938-39 West Ham home programme v Newcastle, 22/10/1938, slight fold. Good£0.00
19 NEWCASTLE UTD 1939-40 Album sheet of Newcastle United, 1939-40, 16 ink signatures, includes Stubbins, Gordon, Ancell, Bowden, Pearson, Litchfield, Park etc, mixture of first team and reserves. Generally good£45.00
20 NEWCASTLE UNITED SHIRT 1970s Long sleeved Newcastle United home shirt, believed to be late 60s , early 70s with club badge sewn on to left breast and red number 11 on reverse (Foggon !!!). Believed to be match-worn but no authenticity for this, Made by Bukta with Zeebux on label. Slight marks and badge is a little loose. Generally good£540.00
21 BLACKBURN - BOLTON 1930 Blackburn home programme v Bolton, 22/2/1930, slight fold, no writing. Generally good£320.00
22 MILLWALL - BLACKBURN 1937-38 Millwall home programme for friendly v Blackburn, 22/1/1938, minor fold, slight ageing, no writing. Generally good£320.00
23 EVERTON - BLACKBURN 1943-4 Everton single sheet home programme v Blackburn, 4/9/43, folds, score noted, slight creasing. Fair£30.00
24 LIVERPOOL - BLACKBURN 43-4 Single sheet Liverpool home programme v Blackburn, 29/4/44, Lancashire Senior Cup Semi-Final, score, scorer noted etc, Liverpool won 1-0. Small tear to edge. Fair-generally good£35.00
25 BLACKBURN - SHEFFIELD UTD 45-6 Four page Blackburn Rovers home programme v Sheffield United, 13/4/46, minor folds, score noted neatly. Generally good£0.00
26 BLACKBURN - STOKE 45-6 Four page Blackburn Rovers home programme v Stoke City, 20/4/46, folds, no writing. Generally good£0.00
27 SHEF UTD- BLACKBURN 46 Sheffield United home programme v Blackburn, 6/4/46, score noted, two small holes on each page but otherwise good. Fair-generally good£0.00
28 NEWCASTLE - BLACKBURN 45 Newcastle home programme v Blackburn, 8/12/45, slight fold, no writing. Generally good£0.00
29 SHEF WED - BLACKBURN 45 Sheffield Wednesday home programme v Blackburn, 15/12/45, two small tape marks, scores entered. Fair-generally good£0.00
30 BOLTON - BLACKBURN 46 Bolton home programme v Blackburn, 5/1/46, FA Cup , folds, changes noted, first and only season of two legged ties. Fair-generally good£0.00
31 EVERTON - BLACKBURN 46 Everton home programme v Blackburn, 19/1/46, score noted on cover, folds, neat changes. Fair-generally good£0.00
32 BLACKBURN - ARSENAL 46 Blackburn home programme v Arsenal, 17/9/46, scarce midweek game programme. Folds, pencil score, scorers. Generally good£420.00
33 BLACKBURN - EVERTON 46 Blackburn four page home programme v Everton, 26/9/46, Lancashire Senior Cup, , slight marks, small number on cover but no other writing. Scarce Thursday game. Fair-generally good£110.00
34 BLACKBURN - MIDDLESBROUGH 46 Blackburn home programme v Middlesbrough, 16/11/46, some ageing, staple removed, slight creasing, pencil h-t scores. Fair£0.00
35 BLACKBURN - GRIMSBY 46 Blackburn home programme v Grimsby, 30/11/46, slight folds, score noted. Generally good£32.00
36 BLACKBURN - MANCHESTER UTD 46 Blackburn home programme v Manchester United, 14/12/46, small tear along fold, creased, pencil change. Fair£0.00
37 BLACKBURN - BLACKPOOL 46 Blackburn home programme v Blackpool, 25/12/46, slight folds, score noted. Generally good£30.00
38 BLACKBURN - PORTSMOUTH 46 Blackburn home programme v Portsmouth, 28/12/46, minor folds, small rust marks. Fair-generally good£0.00
39 BLACKBURN - BRENTFORD 47 Blackburn home programme v Brentford, 1/1/47, folds, score noted, slight creasing. Fair-generally good£90.00
40 BLACKBURN - HULL 47 Blackburn home programme v Hull City, 11/1/47,Cup, no staple, team pages a little grubby, folds. Fair£0.00
41 BLACKBURN - HUDDERSFIELD 47 Blackburn home programme v Huddersfield, 18/1/47, score, scorers noted. Fair-generally good£0.00
42 BLACKBURN - PORT VALE 47 CUP Blackburn home programme v Port Vale, 25/1/47, Cup, fold, some creasing. Fair-generally good£28.00
43 BLACKBURN - SUNDERLAND 47 Blackburn home programme v Sunderland, 1/2/47, very rare, slight fading, no staple, fold. Fair£0.00
44 BLACKBURN - DERBY 47 Blackburn home programme v Derby, 15/2/47, hole in staple area, slight fold otherwise good. Fair-generally good£30.00
45 BLACKBURN - LEEDS UTD 47 Blackburn home programme v Leeds United, 1/3/47, staple removed, slight fold, minor tears to bottom edge of back cover. Generally good£220.00
46 BLACKBURN - BOLTON 47 Blackburn home programme v Bolton, 15/3/47, minor folds, score noted.. Generally good£30.00
47 BLACKBURN - CHELSEA 47 Blackburn home programme v Chelsea, 7/4/47, small number on cover, slight fold. Generally good£120.00
48 BLACKBURN - PRESTON 47 Blackburn home programme v Preston, 12/4/47, worn and slight tear along fold, score noted, minor rust marks. Fair£0.00
49 BLACKBURN - STOKE 47 Blackburn home programme v Stoke, 26/4/47, score noted on cover, no staple. Generally good£30.00
50 OFK BELGRADE - TOTTENHAM 63 Scarce Tottenham away programme at OFK Belgrade, 24/4/63, Cup-Winners Cup, slight creasing. Generally good£340.00
51 SLOVAN BRATISLAVA - TOTTENHAM 63 Slovan Bratislava home programme v Tottenham, 5/3/63, small sticker on top left corner and slight scuff but otherwise generally good, scarce programme. Generally good£180.00
52 CHARITY SHIELD 1962 Ipswich Town home programme v Tottenham, 11/8/62, Charity Shield, creased but no writing. Fair£25.00
53 TOTTENHAM 50-51 Set of 21 Tottenham home League programmes for their first ever Division 1 Championship title season, 1950-51. Usual range of faults such as folds, scores noted , creases, small tears etc. Unusual opportunity to obtain the complete set of home games. Fair-generally good£170.00
54 TOTTENHAM 50-51 Four home programmes, 50-51 plus a handbook for the 50-51 season, 2 x Festival of Britain games, v FC Austria 7/5/51 and v Borussia Dortmund 12/5/51 plus two Reserves home programmes v Norwich City Res 25/12/50 and v Watford Res 30/9/50. handbook has two cup rim marks on cover and scuffs to edge of some pages . Some minor faults. Fair-generally good£0.00
55 TOTTENHAM 50-51 Nine Tottenham away League game programmes, 50-51, Spurs title season, games at Everton, Charlton, Arsenal, Portsmouth, Shef Wed, Chelsea (four page issue), Wolves, Asdton Villa , Fulham. There are some faults, majority are Fair-generally good, Fulham issue is Only Fair (due to marks), Wolves, Shef Wed, Chelsea, Arsenal are generally good. As described£70.00
56 TOTTENHAM 50-51 Four away programmes, 50-51, League games, at West Brom, Cardiff (spine partly split), Newcastle and Manchester United. Spurs title season. Some folds, minor marks etc. Fair-generally good£55.00
57 TOTTENHAM 50-51 Two programmes, both having condition problems, Spurs 50-51 friendlies at Hibs 23/4/51 and v Arsenal at Selhurst Park, 14/5/51 (Chase-Graham Charity Fund). The Arsenal issue has two punch-holes whilst the Hibs issue has been partly restored with blank paper replacing a few small sections of the programme including part of the team lists page. Condition of the Hibs issue is at best "Poor-Fair", the Arsenal issue is "Fair". As described£0.00
58 TOTTENHAM 60-61 Set of 21 Tottenham League match home programmes from their famous "Double Season" 1960-61, condition varies from Only Fair to generally good but overall we would suggest "Fair" as being the condition of the majority. As described£0.00
59 BOLTON - TOTTENHAM 60-61 Much desired programme by many collectors of the Tottenham Double Season, 60-61, Bolton v Tottenham, Wednesday 7/9/60, slight fold, score, scorers and h-t scores noted, name on cover. Fair£300.00
60 TOTTENHAM 60-61 Twenty away League match programmes 60-61 Double Season, all away games with the exception of the game at Bolton. Includes games at Burnley, Preston, Blackpool etc. Some of the usual faults, issue at Leicester is creased, Fair-generally good£200.00
61 1927 FA CUP FINAL Seat ticket for Arsenal v Cardiff City 23/4/1927 at Wembley. 10/6 Entrance J. Generally good£240.00
62 1930 FA CUP FINAL Daily Express Songsheet for Arsenal v Huddersfield Town 26/4/1930 at Wembley. Generally good£320.00
63 1932 FA CUP FINAL Official programme for Arsenal v Newcastle United 23/4/1932 at Wembley. Very slight vertical crease and two small rust marks on the back cover. Generally good£280.00
64 1936 FA CUP FINAL Standing ticket for Arsenal v Sheffield United 25/4/1936 at Wembley. 2/6 Entrance G. Slight wear. Generally good£60.00
65 1941 FOOTBALL LEAGUE CUP FINAL Official 4 page programme for Arsenal v Preston North End 10/5/1941, slight horizontal crease. Generally good£120.00
66 1943 FOOTBALL LEAGUE SOUTH CUP FINAL Standing ticket for Arsenal v Charlton Athletic 1/5/1943 at Wembley. Minor paper loss at bottom left on entry. Generally good£0.00
67 ARSENAL V SOUTHAMPTON 1927 FA CUP S-F Programme for the FA Cup Semi-Final played at Chelsea FC 26/3/1927. Ex-binder. Generally good£0.00
68 ARSENAL V CHELSEA 1932 Official programme for the Opening of the West Stand at Highbury, Arsenal FC by The Prince of Wales. Official programme and original fold-out insert. Both items in good condition. Good£135.00
69 NEUTRAL AT ARSENAL 1934 Full programme for England v Scotland Schools International 12/5/1934 with 2 small holes. Generally good£0.00
70 NORWICH CITY V ARSENAL 1935 Programme for the Norfolk & Norwich Hospital Cup match at Norwich City FC 6/5/1935. Good£180.00
71 ARSENAL V BLACKBURN ROVERS 1939 Programme for the second match of the truncated 1939/40 Football League season before the outbreak of WWII. Slight horizontal creases. Generally good£130.00
72 TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR V ARSENAL Three Reserve team programmes for London Combination matches at Tottenham, 14/9/1935, folded and team changes, 17/12/1938 slightly creased and 29/4/1935 single sheet, ex-binder. Generally good£0.00
73 ARSENAL V TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR 1940 Single sheet programme for the Arsenal home League South C match 24/4/1940, very slight horizontal crease. Good£120.00
74 ARSENAL V WEST HAM UNITED 1941 Single sheet programme for the Arsenal home London Cup match 17/5/1941, folded, pencil annotations and very slight wear. Generally good£65.00
75 ARSENAL V CHELSEA 1941 Single sheet programme for the Arsenal home London War League match 4/10/1941, horizontal fold, minor paper loss on the right and minor tears. Fair£80.00
76 WATFORD V ARSENAL 1941 Small single sheet programme for the London Football League match at Watford 25/10/1941 with horizontal creases and tiny paper loss bottom right. Generally good£40.00
77 TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR V ARSENAL 1941 Single sheet programme for London War League match at Tottenham 27/12/1941, folded and slightly worn. Generally good£30.00
78 WEST HAM UNITED V ARSENAL 1942 Single sheet programme for the London War League match at West Ham 24/1/1942 , horizontal fold and slightly worn along fold. Fair to generally good£50.00
79 ARSENAL V CLAPTON ORIENT 1942 Single sheet programme for the Arsenal home London War Cup match 21/3/1942. Very neat team changes and scores entered. Good£50.00
80 CLAPTON ORIENT V ARSENAL 1942 Single sheet programme for the Orient home London War Cup match 4/4/1942. Folded, worn and minor tears. Fair£30.00
81 PRESTON NORTH END V ARSENAL 1954 Scarce card programme for the League match at Preston 24/2/1954 with black print. Horizontal folds. Generally good£260.00
82 TOTTENHAM POSTPONED 1955 Official programme, Romford v Tottenham Hotspur, 15/1/55, East Anglian Cup , 2nd Round replay. The match was postponed and this is believed to be a very rare issue, possibly one of a kind as we do not know of any others in existence. Eight page issue, Hollowbread, Henry, and Dyson in Spurs line-up. Minor folds. Generally good£300.00
83 WALES - SCOTLAND 1933 Wales home programme v Scotland, 4/10/1933 at Ninian Park, Cardiff, Motherwell had two players in the Scotland team and 1 in the Welsh team. Slight fold, pencil score on cover, slight ageing. Generally good£340.00
84 WALES - ENGLAND 1934 Wales home programme v England, 29/9/1934 at Ninian Park, Cardiff. Three Man City players in England side plus 2 from both Derby and Arsenal. Wolves, Tottenham and Leicester all had two players each in the Welsh side. Pencil score on cover, slight folds, minor creasing. Generally good£260.00
85 WALES - SCOTLAND 1935 Wales home programme v Scotland, 6/10/1935 at Ninian Park, Cardiff, score noted at top of cover, some staple rusting, fold. Three Hearts players in the Scots line-up plus two each from Aberdeen and Rangers, the Welsh included three from Wolves and two from West Brom. Fair-generally good£260.00
86 WALES - ENGLAND 1936 Wales home programme v England, 17/10/1936 at Ninian Park, Cardiff, score noted in pencil on cover, 3 x Derby players in the England side, 2 x Brentford in the Welsh team. Ex Man City keeper Alf Gray , Chester player , was in goal for the Welsh as their regular keeper was injured. Generally good£0.00
87 WALES - ENGLAND 1938 Wales home programme v England, 22/10/1938, at Ninian Park, Cardiff, score noted in pencil on cover, Everton , Huddersfield and Arsenal all supplied two players each to the English team. Arsenal also provided 3 players to the Welsh team and Birmingham two. Slight fold. Generally good£0.00
88 MATCH TICKETS 33 match tickets, most of which are card and in good condition, some duplication. Comprises 17 x England full Internationals, 13 x England Schools tickets, 1961 Cup Final, 1965 Cup-Winners Cup Final and 1968 5-a-side ticket. All are at Wembley and are for games between 1958 and 68. Full International tickets are v USSR 58, Italy 59 (4), Spain 60, Brazil 63 (3), Rest of the World 63 (2) , Uruguay 64 (3), Hungary 65, Spain 68 and Portugal 69. Generally good£60.00
89 1920 CUP FINAL Official Cup Final programme, 1920 at Stamford Bridge, Aston Villa v Huddersfield, spine repaired, tape marks along spine and inside spine of several pages, staples removed. Professionally cleaned, no writing, minor restoration and condition is now Fair-generally good in our opinion and most collectors would regard it as being at least "Fair" or probably slightly better. As described£800.00
90 1922 CUP FINAL: Official programme, 1922 Cup Final programme, Preston v Huddersfield at Stamford Bridge. Cover has wear along folds with tape along folds on inside cover. Staples removed, slight rust marks and minor tears but programme is complete and there is no writing. Fair£600.00
91 1923 CUP FINAL Official programme, 1923 Final, Bolton v West Ham, first Final at Wembley, vertical fold, very minor writing on one page (adverts), no writing elsewhere in programme and minor creases. Despite faults mentioned, condition is fair in our opinion. As described£480.00
92 1924 CUP FINAL Official programme , 1924 Cup Final, Newcastle v Aston Villa, scarce programme but the front cover is loose with pieces missing off the corners and spine and back cover is missing. Replacement covers can be purchased and remainder of the programme, ie the inside pages, is in generally good with a few minor marks and one pencil team change. As described£0.00
93 1924 CUP FINAL Match ticket for the 1924 Cup Final, Newcastle v Aston Villa, the first all-ticket Final at Wembley following the chaos at the 1923 Final. North Stand Seat. Very slight crease to one corner. Good£320.00
94 1925 CUP FINAL Official programme, 1925 Final, Cardiff v Sheffield United, staples removed, two minor tape repairs, slight spine scuff, no writing. Fair-generally good£460.00
95 1926 CUP FINAL Official programme, 1926 Cup Final, Bolton v Manchester City, staples removed, slight rust marks, number at top corner of cover, no other writing. Fair-generally good£520.00
96 1927 CUP FINAL Official programme, 1927 Cup Final, Cardiff v Arsenal, two tape repairs to inside cover, fold, staples removed, no writing. Fair-generally good£400.00
97 1928 CUP FINAL Official programme , 1928 Cup Final, Blackburn v Huddersfield, fold, slight tears, staples removed, very minor repair . Fair£250.00
98 1929 CUP FINAL Official programme for the Final, Bolton v Portsmouth, fold, some creasing, staple removed no writing, slight marks. Fair£220.00
99 1930 CUP FINAL Official programme for the 1930 Cup Final, Arsenal v Huddersfield, fold, score noted. Fair-generally good£340.00
100 1931 CUP FINAL Official programme for the 1931 Cup Final, Birmingham v West Brom, slight fold, no staples, possibly cleaned. Fair-generally good£320.00


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