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Sale Day: 18/10/2018

Sale results will be uploaded periodically throughout the sale (Internet connection and workload permitting). 

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Please note that there are 100 Lots per page

LotLateDescriptionSale Price
1 BEXHILL 1932-33 Bexhill home programme v Horsham, 8/10/1932, Amateur Cup, slight fold. Generally good£30.00
2 HAYES 1930-31 Hayes home programme v Lyons Club, 20/12/1930, London Senior Amateur Cup, small pencil changes. Generally good£0.00
3 ST AUSTELL 1938-39 Four page St Austell home programme v Civil Service, December 1938.Fold. Generally good£30.00
4 COLCHESTER - WREXHAM 47 Four page Colchester home programme v Wrexham, 13/12/47, FA Cup, Colchester were a non-League side at the time but they defeated Wrexham 1-0. Pencil score, scorers. Generally good£35.00
5 GT YARMOUTH - CRYSTAL PALACE 53 Great Yarmouth home programme v Crystal Palace, 21/11/53, Cup, minor folds. Generally good£0.00
6 HASTINGS UTD - NORWICH 54 Hastings United home programme v Norwich City, 9/1/54, Cup 3rd Round proper, slight fold, score, scorers noted, seems to have been a thrilling game and it ended 3-3. Generally good£40.00
7 HEADINGTON - MILLWALL 53 Headington United home programme v Millwall, 17/12/53, FA Cup, slight creasing, pencil changes. Generally good£40.00
8 LEYTONSTONE - SHREWSBURY 51 Leytonstone home programme v Shrewsbury, 24/11/51, Cup, Leytonstone defeated the League club 2-0. Fold, score, scorers noted. Generally good£35.00
9 NUNEATON - WATFORD 53 Nuneaton home programme v Watford, 21/11/53, Cup. Nuneaton won 3-0. Generally good£60.00
10 RHYL - BRISTOL CITY 53 Rhyl home programme v Bristol City, 12/12/53, Cup, fold, slight creasing. Fair-generally good£80.00
11 BRADFORD PA - CHESTERFIELD 1926-7 Bradford Park Avenue home programme v Chesterfield, 19/2/1927, , possibly ex bound volume. Good£240.00
12 BRADFORD CITY - HALIFAX 1937-38 Bradford City home programme v Halifax, 19/2/1938, slight wear and tear along folds. Fair£100.00
13 HALIFAX - STOCKPORT 1935-6 Halifax Town home programme v Stockport County, 21/3/1936, fold, score on cover. Fair-generally good£110.00
14 HALIFAX - PORT VALE 1936-7 Halifax Town home programme v Port Vale, 14/11/1936, slight creasing , score on cover. Fair-generally good£110.00
15 HALIFAX - ROCHDALE 1936-7 Halifax Town home programme v Rochdale, 29/3/1937, slight fold. Generally good£110.00
16 HALIFAX - HARTLEPOOLS 1934 Halifax Town home programme v Hartlepools, 24/11/1934, FA Cup, slight fold. Generally good£120.00
17 ENGLAND - HUNGARY 1936 England home programme v Hungary, 2/12/1936 at Arsenal, standard Arsenal programme, folds, minor staple rusting . Fair-generally good£120.00
18 BIRMINGHAM - PRESTON 1937-8 Birmingham home programme with covers v Preston, 5/2/1938, minor flaking to one edge of cover and slight staining to most pages. Fair£45.00
19 BIRMINGHAM- PRESTON 1922-23 Birmingham home programme with covers v Preston, 10/3/1923, both front and back covers have paper flaking off all edges and tape along spine , internal pages are "Fair" with some tears and score noted etc but they are complete. Poor-fair£45.00
20 WALTHAMSTOW AVE - IPSWICH 53 Walthamstow Avenue home programme v Ipswich, 16/12/53, Cup replay, four page issue, slight fold. Generally good£0.00
21 WITTON ALBION - GRIMSBY 53 Witton Albion home programme v Grimsby, 12/12/53, Cup, slight fold. Good£190.00
22 YEOVIL - BRIGHTON 52 Yeovil home programme v Brighton, 22/11/52, Cup, ink marks on back cover, slight marks. Fair-generally good£30.00
23 NON-LEAGUE - LEAGUE Collection of 70 Non-League Club v League Club programmes in friendly games comprising 17 x pre-1980, 53 x 1980 onwards from 56 different home clubs. Includes Bedford v Shrewsbury 65/6, Hastings v Portsmouth 62/3, Romford v Millwall 63/4, Grantham v Watford 73/4 etc. Generally good£0.00
24 RESERVES / YOUTH One hundred Reserves and Youth programmes, 12 x 50s, 28 x 60s, 11 x 70s and 49 x 80s onwards. 45 different home clubs. Includes Shef Utd v Chesterfield 50/51, Wolves v Barnsley and Huddersfield 57/8, Southend v Swindon 55/6 and v Ipswich and Brighton 57/8, Plymouth v Cardiff 52/3 and Peterborough v Bradford City Res 56/7. Generally good£100.00
25 1921 CUP FINAL Official programme, 1921 FA Cup Final, Tottenham v Wolves, front cover has been cleaned and back cover is replica but the remainder of the programme is original , ie all inside pages which are in fair-generally good condition. As described£300.00
26 1923 CUP FINAL Official programme, Bolton v West Ham, 1923 FA Cup Final at Wembley, staples removed, slight creasing otherwise generally good, small initials on cover. Fair-generally good£500.00
27 TOTTENHAM - BLACKBURN 1927 Tottenham home programme v Blackburn, 15/10/1927, two pencil tip punch holes at top of cover, slight tears to one outside edge. Fair-generally good£40.00
28 TOTTENHAM - BRADFORD PA 1929 Tottenham home programme v Bradford Park Avenue, 28/12/1929, minor tears to edges. Fair-generally good£35.00
29 1950s Collection of seventy one programmes, all 1950s from 50/51 to 59/60, variety of clubs but includes a few Tottenham aways including at Manchester United 58/9 and 59/60 and 9 x Blackpool homes inc 50/51 v Portsmouth. Other programmes include Birmingham v Chesterfield , Leicester v Coventry , Huddersfield v Middlesbrough and Torquay v Watford , all 50/51, Preston v Blackpool 52/3, Tooting v Northampton 58/9 (FA Cup), Bristol Rovers v West Ham 55/6, Orient v Brighton 50/51, Millwall v Brighton 51/2, Southend v Brighton 52/3, Coventry v Brighton 53/4, Norwich v Ilford 58/9 (Cup), Port Vale v Blackpool 53/4 (Cup), Headington v Bolton 53/4 (Cup), Wolves v Arsenal 52/3, Bury v Chesterfield 50/51 etc. Numerous other clubs represented including Arsenal, Nottm Forest, Walsall, Stoke and others. Some faults but majority are at least Fair-generally good. Fair-generally good£110.00
30 1950s Collection of seventy three programmes, all 1950s from 50/51 to 59/60. Variety of clubs , includes Norwich v Brighton 55/6, Accrington Stanley x 3 including v Carlisle 57/8, Plymouth v Shef Wed 55/6, Colchester v Gillingham 55/6, Aston Villa v Stoke 51/2, Swansea v QPR 50/51, Derby v Bolton 50/51, Burnley Res v Man City Res 52/3, Millwall v Ipswich 55/6 friendly, Birmingham v Man City 54/5 Cup, Bristol Rovers v Derby 53/4. Numerous other clubs included plus several Aston Villa away programmes. Some faults. Fair-generally good£100.00
31 ARSENAL - NEWCASTLE 1936 Arsenal home programme for Cup replay v Newcastle, 19/2/1936, Arsenal won the Cup this season. Slight folds, some staple rusting, no writing. Fair-generally good£70.00
32 ARSENAL - BARNSLEY 1936 Arsenal home programme v Barnsley, 29/2/1936, Cup, Arsenal went through and won the Trophy. Minor folds, staple rusting. Fair-generally good£50.00
33 ARSENAL - BOLTON 1938 Arsenal home programme v Bolton, 8/1/1938, Cup, slight folds, rusty staples otherwise good. Fair-generally good£30.00
34 ARSENAL - PRESTON 1938 Arsenal home programme v Preston, 12/2/1938, Cup, slight wear, rusty staple areas, score noted. Fair£45.00
35 CHARLTON - STOKE 1936-37 Charlton home programme v Stoke, 7/9/1936, Division 1, slight marks. Fair-generally good£50.00
36 1967 EUROPEAN CUP FINAL Official programme, 1967 European Cup Final, Inter Milan v Celtic, 25/5/67 in Lisbon. Good£120.00
37 1929 CUP FINAL Official programme, 1929 Cup Final, Bolton v Portsmouth, staples removed. Generally good£0.00
38 1929 CUP FINAL Ticket for the 1929 Cup Final, Bolton v Portsmouth, , North Grand Stand seat. Very small piece off left bottom corner upon entry (insignificant). Generally good£90.00
39 1933 FA CUP FINAL Official programme, 1933 Cup Final, Everton v Manchester City, staples removed. Generally good£240.00
40 1939 CUP FINAL Official programme, 1939 Cup Final, Portsmouth v Wolves, slight creasing, rusty staples removed, no writing. Fair-generally good£0.00
41 WEST HAM - NEWCASTLE 1936 West Ham home programme v Newcastle 31/8/1936, score , changes noted and slight ink marks on back cover. Fair-generally good£65.00
42 WEST HAM - LEICESTER 1936 West Ham home programme v Leicester, 26/9/1936, pencil score, changes, scorers noted and paper erosion to right hand edge of front cover at top corner. Fair£65.00
43 WEST HAM - BURY 1937 West Ham home programme v Bury, 23/1/1937, slight fold, pencil score, scorers. Generally good£0.00
44 WEST HAM - COVENTRY 1937 West Ham home programme v Coventry, 27/2/1937, white ex bound volume issue. Good£60.00
45 WEST HAM - BARNSLEY 1937 West Ham home programme v Barnsley, 26/3/1937, folds, some creasing. Fair-generally good£65.00
46 WEST HAM - SHEFFIELD UTD 1937 West Ham home programme v Sheffield United, 1/5/1937, final game of the season for West Ham and with nothing to play for the attendance was only 10,068. Slight fold, score, scorer noted. Generally good£70.00
47 WEST HAM - ARSENAL 43 Single sheet West Ham home programme v Arsenal, 20/3/43, folds, score noted, slight wear. Fair-generally good£32.00
48 WEST HAM - CHELSEA 43 Single sheet West Ham home programme v Chelsea, 27/12/43, slight folds, team changes. Fair-generally good£32.00
49 WEST HAM - CHELSEA 45 Single sheet West Ham home programme v Chelsea, 6/10/45, slight wear along folds, score noted. Fair-generally good£20.00
50 WEST HAM - PLYMOUTH 46 West Ham single sheet home programme v Plymouth, 16/2/46 wear and tears along folds. Fair£20.00
51 1958 WORLD CUP FINAL Official programme, 1958 World Cup Final, Sweden v Brazil, 29/6/58 in Stockholm. Good-very good£0.00
52 1962 WORLD CUP Official Tournament programme, World Cup 1962 Finals Tournament in Chile, no writing , some creasing, covers fixtures, team squads, pictures etc. Fair-generally good£400.00
53 1962 WORLD CUP Tournament programme, similar in colour and size to the official tournament programme but issued by the Chilean Tobacco Company, includes also editorial messages from the Chilean Organising Committee and from Stanley Rous on behalf of FIFA and is considered to be semi-official. Includes histories of previous World Cup Tournaments, fixture schedule for 1962, team editorials, pictures etc. No writing. Generally good£0.00
54 1950 WORLD CUP Unusual item, four page card fixture schedule for the 1950 World Cup in Brazil. Generally good,£70.00
55 1966 WORLD CUP FINAL Official, original issue programme for the 1966 World Cup Final, England v West Germany, 30/7/66. No writing and in good-very good condition. Good-Very good£110.00
56 1978 WORLD CUP Official programme for the 1978 World Cup Finals in Argentina, published in Spanish language with over 300 pages covering all aspects of the tournament. Front and back cover appear to have been covered with a thin plastic cover, some tape marks. Fair£38.00
57 1972 EURO Final tournament programme, 1972 European Championships held in Belgium. Scores entered, slight fold. Fair-generally good£30.00
58 1976 EURO Final tournament programme, 1976 European Championships, held in Yugoslavia, scores and teams entered. Fair-generally good£30.00
59 1956 YOUTH CUP FINAL Manchester United home programme v Chesterfield, 30/4/56, Youth Cup Final, fold, score noted on cover. Fair-generally good£0.00
60 FA CUP FINALS Twenty eight different FA Cup Final programmes , 1985, 86, 87, 88, 89, 91, 92, 93, 93 replay, 94, 95, 96, 97, 99, 2000, 01, 02, 03, 04, 06, 07, 08, 11, 13, 14, 15 and 17. Generally good-good£70.00
61 WATFORD - NORWICH 1931 Watford home programme v Norwich, 25/12/1931, ex bound volume. Good£0.00
62 WATFORD - SOUTHEND 1932 Watford home programme v Southend, 26/3/1932, ex bound volume. Good£70.00
63 CLAPTON ORIENT - WATFORD 1934 Large format Clapton Orient home programme v Watford, 21/4/1934, rusty staple removed, score, scorers noted, slight fold. Fair-generally good£55.00
64 WATFORD - READING 1933 Watford home programme v Reading, 25/11/1933, FA Cup, ex bound volume, small tear to corner of back cover. Generally good£70.00
65 WATFORD Three programmes Watford home v Chelsea 3/3/1945 (neat repaired punch holes, score scorers) v Arsenal 21/4/1945 (small piece missing from top corner, pencil score, scorers) plus away at Crystal Palace 9/12/44. Generally good£40.00
66 1966 WORLD CUP TICKETS A season ticket wallet, a season ticket cash receipt and an FA receipt plus 8 tickets for the London games including the Semi-Final and Final. Includes 2 unused tickets, Uruguay v France at White City and Mexico v Uruguay at Wembley. The other 4 tickets are used and include the 3 England matches and France v Mexico. All are standing tickets. Generally good£200.00
67 1966 WORLD CUP FINAL TICKET Standing ticket which has a very slight horizontal crease plus an official notice advising the recipient to keep their Final ticket in case of a replay plus a World Cup Willie unused car sticker. Good£100.00
68 1970 FAIRS CUP FINAL PROGRAMME First leg programme at Anderlecht v Arsenal 22/4/1970. Good£170.00
69 1970 FAIRS CUP FINAL TICKET First leg ticket at Anderlecht v Arsenal 22/4/1970. Good£170.00
70 WORLD CUP 1958 Set of 35 postcards with appropriate stamps and frankings , one per game, issued at the 1958 World Cup in Sweden, includes a postcard with stamp, franking and match details for each game including the three group play-off games. In addition two other cards are included one for the Tournament showing the flags of each nation and is noted as "Sverige1958" "Goteborg". the other shows the Goteborg stadium. Housed in plastic pockets. Good£0.00
71 MANCHESTER CITY A collection of 89 Manchester City home programmes 1947/48 to 1959/60 - 1947/48 (1) 1948/49 (2),1949/50 (1),1950/51 (1),1951/52 (5), 1952/53 (2), 1954/55 (3), 1955/56 (16), 1956/57 (18), 1957/58 (19), 1958/59 (14),1959/60 (7) . Some faults. Fair to generally good£80.00
72 ARSENAL A collection of 48 Arsenal home programmes 1951/52 to 1959/60 split up evenly between early to mid 50's and late 50's . Includes a few friendlies and couple of 4 Page Reserves v Portsmouth 1955/56 and Leicester 1959/60. Some faults. Fair to generally good£30.00
73 LONDON CLUBS A collection of 97 programmes from various London clubs from the 1950's - Brentford (14) Crystal Palace (33), Fulham (24), Millwall (25) and Tottenham (1). Includes some friendlies and Reserve matches (London Challenge Cup). Some faults. Fair to generally good£40.00
74 NOTTS COUNTY A collection of 26 Notts County homes 1948/49 (1) 1951/52 (3) 1953/54 (1) 1954/55 (1) 1955/56 (2) 1956/57 (3) 1957/58 (5) 1958/59 (4) and 1959/60 (6). Some faults. Fair to generally good£25.00
75 CHELSEA A collection of 43 Chelsea home programmes 1952-1960. Includes 2 from the Championship season 1954/55. Some faults . Fair to generally good £25.00
76 WEST MIDLANDS CLUBS A collection of 34 programmes from West Midland Clubs 1949/50 to 1959/60. Aston Villa (12) , Birmingham City (16), West Bromwich Albion (3) , Wolverhampton Wanderers (3). Some faults . Fair to generally good £22.00
77 YORKSHIRE CLUBS A collection of 78 programmes from Yorkshire clubs from the 1950's Bradford City (2) Doncaster (17) Huddersfield (29) Hull City (9), Leeds (1) , Rotherham United (1) Sheffield United (18) and Sheffield Wednesday (1). Some faults . Fair to generally good £130.00
78 EAST MIDLANDS CLUBS A collection of 145 programmes from East Midland Clubs 1947/48 to 1959/60. Chesterfield (21), Derby (34) Grimsby (28), Leicester City (19) and Nottingham Forest (43). Some faults . Fair to generally good £130.00
79 NORTH WEST CLUBS A collection of 67 programmes from North West clubs mostly from the 1950's (some earlier none later) Blackpool (15) includes 2 Reserves, Bolton (10), Everton (18), Manchester United (18) includes Forest 1957/58 with token, Oldham (1), Preston (1), Runcorn (1) v Tranmere 1947/48 Cheshire League, Southport (2) and Tranmere (1). Some faults . Fair to generally good£130.00
80 RAY PARLOUR / ARSENAL TRAINING SHIRT 2002 FA CUP FINAL Grey short sleeve training shirt with F.A. Cup Final 2002 embroidered in the centre, signed "Best Wishes Ray Parlour 4-5-02" on the front. Good£0.00
81 LAUREN / ARSENAL MATCH WORN SHIRT Red shirt with white long sleeves worn in the Arsenal away Champions League match v. Olympique Lyonnais 13/2/2001 with a signed Certificate of Authenticity by Lauren. Good£0.00
82 MARTIN KEOWN / ARSENAL MATCH WORN SHIRT / FULLY SIGNED Yellow long sleeves worn in the Arsenal away match v. Middlesbrough 4/11/2000 with a signed Certificate of Authenticity by Keown and fully signed by the Arsenal squad. Good£260.00
83 SILVAIN WILTORD / ARSENAL MATCH WORN SHIRT Red shirt with white long sleeves worn in the Arsenal home match v. Southampton 2/2/2002 with a signed Certificate of Authenticity by Wiltord. Good£0.00
84 ASHLEY COLE / ARSENAL MATCH WORN SHIRT Blue short sleeve shirt worn in the Arsenal away FA Cup match v. Manchester United 15/2/2003 with a signed Certificate of Authenticity by Cole. Good£260.00
85 RAYMOND KOPA COLLECTION Three items: His personal passport valid until April 1968 plus his official French Football Card 1968/9 and his official Real Madrid card 1958/9. Good£100.00
86 MUHAMMAD ALI AUTOGRAPH An A4 colour photocopy of a BBC2 advertisement for Ali Night with action picture at the top with notation underneath and signed at the top by Muhammad Ali 91 with Art of the Game Certificate of Authenticity. Good£55.00
87 MUHAMMAD ALI POSTAGE STAMPS Four Muhammad Ali Limited Editon items 3 x 3"x 5" pictures with different images of Ali entitled "Calm Before The Storm", The Pride of Louisville" both Senegal legal tender postage stamp inset within Collectors Society CoA and "Working The Bag" Guinea legal tender with Collectors Society CoA . Also inc a block of 9 different "They All Must Fall" 7x5 Senegal legal tender postage stamps with CoA. Good£0.00
88 AUTOGRAPHS Two Sir Henry Cooper autographs one on the cover of the 1971 World Boxing Yearbook which has pages dedicated to Cooper (slightly creased) and one signed to the front cover of Boavista Clube De Golfe Newsleter No 3 also inc a Charity Evening menu for the Bromley Hydrotherapy Pool Appeal signed by guest speaker Jack Charlton along with a Peter Osgood Testimonial programme, Chelsea Past v Chelsea Present 24/11/75, horizontal fold. Generally good£18.00
89 MANCHESTER UNITED - DERBY 1924 Manchester United home programme v Derby County 29/11/1924, minor fold, pencil half-time scores. Generally good£1,200.00
90 MANCHESTER UNITED - EVERTON 1929-30 Manchester United double issue programme covering Manchester United first team v Everton 19/4/1930 and Reserves v Birmingham Reserves 21/4/1930. The Everton game was also a benefit, as well as a Division 1 game, for two United players Charlie Moore and Jimmy Hanson. Slight fold, pencil half-time scores. Generally good£1,000.00
91 HUDDERSFIELD - MAN UTD 1930 Huddersfield home programme v Manchester United, 22/4/1930, faint pencil changes otherwise good. Good£900.00
92 LIVERPOOL- MAN UTD 1931 Liverpool home programme v Manchester United, 3/4/1931, also covers Everton "A" v Peasley Cross (Liverpool County Combination), ex bound volume but team changes (neat) inserted. Good£700.00
93 LIVERPOOL - MAN UTD 1938 Liverpool home programme v Manchester United, 7/9/1938, spine has been repaired, , fold, prominent score, changes noted. Fair£550.00
94 SHEF UTD - MAN UTD 1927 Sheffield United home programme v Manchester United, 10/12/1927, ex bound volume. Good£700.00
95 BIRMINGHAM - MAN UTD 1930-31 Birmingham City home programme v Manchester United, 7/3/1931, fold, rusty staples removed, slight marks along top of spine. Fair-generally good£700.00
96 MILLWALL - MAN UTD 1932-33 Millwall home programme v Manchester United, 4/3/1933, Division 2, scarce programme , some creasing, tears to top edges with minor paper erosion, line-ups completely intact with no writing. Fair£1,300.00
97 MIDDLESBROUGH - MAN UTD 1938 Middlesbrough home programme v Manchester United, 27/8/1938, staple removed, slight creasing, pencil score. Fair-generally good£900.00
98 STOKE - MAN UTD 1938 Stoke City home programme v Manchester United, 17/9/1938, fold, a couple of minor repairs to tears. Fair-generally good£700.00
99 CHARITY SHIELD - MAN UTD 1985 Charity Shield plaque awarded to John Gidman of Manchester United after the Everton v Manchester United Charity Shield game 10/8/1985 at Wembley. Good£0.00
100 CHARITY SHIELD - MAN UTD 1998 Charity Shield plaque awarded to a Manchester United player after the 1998 Charity Shield game, Arsenal v Manchester United, 9/8/1998 at Wembley. It is rather unusually, inscribed as runners up which confirms that it was given to a United player as Arsenal won 3-0 . The style has also changed as the replica Charity Shield is affixed to a wooden stand rather than plastic. Good£0.00


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